Coupling objects between different IFCs

Finally, I have a topic that I can ask here, after only reading and reading :)
I have a task in front of me that has to do with relations of components in IFC. I have read some topics in the forum, but was not able to find the correct answer to my case.
Is it possible to merge two different IFCs (Architecture and Electrical) in BlenderBIM and get the relations between the objects? If a room (in architectural model) could identify which electrical components are available would be a killer. Since we are using the same IFC structure in both disciplines, it could IMHO be possible to synchronize them.
Any ideas, thoughts or maybe some previous posts about this?
thank you in advance for your tips...



  • Are these existing Ifc files from other Bim programs or are they new files authored in blenderbim?

  • sadly from other BIM authoring tools (Archicad and Revit)

  • I could be wrong, but I don't think there's anything currently in BlenderBIM that provides this functionality.
    I think it would be relatively doable though.
    This chatgpt search, might give you some clues, as to how to do it.

    I've also attached a Blender file with this simple script.

    So conceptually you could use the MergeProject IFC patch tool to merge the ARCH and ELECT models.

    Assuming the ARCH model has IfcSpaces, you could iterate through each space, checking to see if an electrical component is within the space object, and if so, assign the 'Spatial Container' relationship. After that, you could query which electrical components are inside a space.

  • I will give it a try. Thanx for the tip.
    On the other hand, do you know if the IFC structure actually allows such "manipulation"

  • On the other hand, do you know if the IFC structure actually allows such "manipulation"

    can you rephrase this?... not sure i understood what you're asking.

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