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BlenderBIM documentation

If someone wants to add a marked up image like the following to the BB docs, what's the suggested approach to get the cool green/yellow markups?



  • Not sure about the gradient,
    But I use lightshot
    and you can set the colours to anything you want so I got a green in this case:

  • I use a vector program, in my case Affinity Designer. The cropped screenshot as an underlay, markup in a separate layer on top. The naming of the edited image follows a naming convention of general topic -> specific part of the interface shown -> function, like "interface_property-editor_object-information.png".

    The current docs have a style guide for the markup, but I refrained from using gradients as I think these are visually distracting.

  • In the writing docs section, it gives a sample transparent png you can use to copy paste the circle, dot, and eyedrop the colours.

    For the rest I just use the GIMP with a selection of 5px high and turn on border radius and use the gradient tool afterwards.

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