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Anybody interested in making a "people" template library?

All architects know that the human scale is very important :) Apparently this is not the case with BBIM - we believe strongly that the rabbit scale is far more important.

But rabbits need a healthy diet of hay and vegetables provided by humans so it would be nice to have some a human asset library to quickly place some humans for scale. Something like this is what I had in mind: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/freebie-lowpoly-people-3c57a85ef5464aa7973f466383d69c48 or https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/lowpoly-people-waldo-9ec7a14729aa490fa712e51c217db0f5

However ideally we want something CC0 license that everybody can use without needing to lookup license requirements, so would somebody be interested here in helping model up a collection of male, female, adult, children, dogs, sitting, standing, etc? Even a collection of 10 people in various postures would be more than enough. In addition to low poly 3D models, it would be nice to have 2D plan view representations and section view representations similar to this https://www.cad-blocks.net/people-cad-blocks-plan-elevation.html (but please draw them yourselves, so we don't have licensing problems).

One very fast way to create this is to find CC0 3D scans of things such as from the Smithsonian museum like here https://sketchfab.com/Smithsonian/models like https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/james-garfield-bronze-sculpture-2cd69e8bd7444702818e9f325dd32609 or https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/figure-of-a-dancer-63212acff8474095ba2626d9366df852 and then run the Blender decimate modifier to crush it into a stylistic low poly model.

Or search CC0 statue scans on Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/search?features=downloadable&licenses=7c23a1ba438d4306920229c12afcb5f9&q=statue&type=models - I daresay low poly versions of famous sculptures like Michelangelo's David or Perseus with the head of medusa or this fashionable fellow https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/fiaker-denkmal-9b919637405e4e31af2e652a5f6ceb41 are far more interesting than the usual "I'm a generic corporate guy with my briefcase walking through my model".

Anybody up for it? Any format will be fine, I can help build the utility that converts it into the correct representation contexts / IFC library / types if you provide the artwork :)



  • i could give it a try, especially in the 2D representation. i personally find the default human scale in other software lacking, so i already create my own or modify them

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    Something like that? By the way, which IFC class are we supposed to use?

  • I love it :D BTW another possibility is to play with MakeHuman as a source http://static.makehumancommunity.org/mpfb.html

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    One more here :)
    I was asking myself if the 2D representations could have a solid face for easy overlaying and should eventually be raised a couple of cm from the origin. What do you think?
    EDIT: Looks like it's not possible to fill a face in a 2d linework: if I edit a IfcGeometricCurveSet and create a face in the mesh, the representation item switches to IfcAnnotationFillArea and the linework is lost... Probably there should be both representation Items, but I do not know if that's possible (representation context is Annotation PLAN_VIEW).

  • Hehe that is a great idea. I can chime in with some of my experience if you want. For animation purposes decimating a 3D scan will yield ugly stretching, although the stylistic low-poly look has a certain appeal. If you want a good topology I suggest using an automatic remesher like Quad Remesher. You do need to bake the texture back afterwards but with a python script it's pretty straightforward. Here's an example of mine on a statue I scanned in one of my holidays. I don't know how IFC supports LODs natively but it can also be used to generate several levels of detail for models.


    You can download the model over on sketchfab. The most permissive license on sketchfab for individuals is CC BY but I distribute it as CC0.

    The great thing about this workflow is you can scan everything, even yourself, your friends or your pet - but wait till they sleep otherwise you won't get anything good :), and you only need a phone and a computer to generate great 3D models.


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    Hi All, although the Virgin Mary model is nice it's better to ship more general looking people with BlenderBim if you aks me. That's better for when you design buildings for.. well, uhm not so 'holy' people ^^

    In the past I made this collection of 3d sitting, standing and walking people. Feel free to use them for BlenderBim.

    And bonus, some low poly cars

    Personally I would prefer one or two different representation 2d plan of people. That are good readable on a plan. For these type of models it makes no sense to use the exact outline of the model. When I look at the example above, the 2d Plan representation could also be a plant or a peace of cloth. For work I use these below, but unfortunately I cannot share them. So please use the same 2d plan representation for all people.

    Can anyone help me out integrating these models in BlenderBIM?

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    I wonder if for a more stylized looks we could get away with a more parametric approach.
    I was thinking making some simple 3D human figures (male, female,child, or any additional variants we may require), with a n agreed upon level of detail, and make it rigged so we can extract from it any number of customizable poses we want.
    Say standing, walking, sitting, hands on a 90cm counter, reaching up to some 1.5m upper cabinet, or any arbitrary combination thereof.

    Please excuse the crude example, this is just a _Skin _modifier over a basic wire mesh with shape keys for the sake of demonstration, but I think we could get a decent level of quality from a basic base mesh with some simple rigging.

    We could then extract perfectly matching 2D views using BBIM itself, maybe touch them up manually when needed.
    These would be infinitely customizable, appropriately licensed, and easily extensible for any custom needs.

  • You can make a fill with your representation. I used it for my trees. You use MODEL Body SECTIONVIEW for the outline and i then used Model Annotation SECTIONVIEW for the fill, and give it a small offset. I have starten with the models from @Meetlat

  • No plan view representations and mesh is a bit messy in places but we have a start!

  • @Meetlat would you be OK if this is licensed under CC0? This is all your original content, correct?

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    I'm not sure where I've got the car models from, perhaps don't use them. For the people I used high resolution models and simplified them to a very low poly model. I made this 3+ years I ago so I don't know the original source.

  • Hmm, it's a bit risky, since if you don't know the source, the source may not allow derivative works, or require CC-BY-SA or similar.

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    I can perhaps repeat the workflow of simplifying high poly models that are free to use. What license should the original models be? CC0?

    For example I can use these models: https://renderpeople.com/free-3d-people/ ( Free Download, Free Commercial Use)

  • @Meetlat yes, if you use other content, it should be either public domain or CC0. All other licenses I think will be too intrusive on users (e.g. even CC-BY means that if you produce documentation with it, does that mean you need to include credits in your titleblock? Don't know, easier if we just say CC0 I think)

    That renderpeople.com website unfortunately prohibits the distribution of derived works. You can only use it in renderings, not for creating low poly model assets (see link):

    The use of the 3D data for the following purposes is prohibited unless there is express written consent from Renderpeople ...
    b) Any kind of transfer, especially renting, reselling, lending, or sublicensing the 3D data as well as the license from the Licensee to third parties, neither in their original form nor in parts or modified versions. This includes, but is not limited to, 3D data created with or based on products from Renderpeople.

    ... one possible solution is to use assets from MakeHuman. http://www.makehumancommunity.org/

    MakeHuman assets are CC0 and there seem to be quite a few assets . They have a fashion page which describes different combos of assets and poses, and potentially some existing models (note only some are CC0) here.

  • @Meetlat BTW if you feel up for it I'm planning to do a release on Tuesday, if you'd like to sneak some humans in before that date let me know :) If not that's OK too :)

  • the border's open, to sneak some humans in.

  • @theoryshaw said:
    the border's open, to sneak some humans in.

    what a 'comic imaganation' you have @theoryshaw

  • I think Make human is a great source to use. I think i'm not able to use this to make humans before Tuesday. Got a busy weekend. Next weekend I have some more time to try it out.

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