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Proposal to rearrange project folders

edited March 31 in General

What are your thoughts on rearranging the default folders like the following?
Conceptually, this is proposing to put all the 'settings' within their own folder. That way, if using something like git submodules, you can sync in common standards across multiple projects.
Titleblocks are usually project specific, so I did not put them in the settings folder.
Below, also proposes to put additional underlay subfolders to organize things a little more.

* settings
  * drawings
    * default.css
    * markers.svg
    * patterns.svg
    * shading_styles.json
    * symbols.svg
  * layouts
    * view-title.svg
  * psets
    * foo_property_set_template.ifc
* drawings
  * foo.svg
  * bar.svg
  * underlay
    * foo-underlay.png
    * bar-underlay.png
  * cache
    * foo-linework.svg
    * bar-linework.svg
    * foo-annotation.svg
    * bar-annotation.svg
    * foo-underlay.png
    * bar-underlay.png
* layouts
  * sheet_1.svg
  * sheet_2.svg
  * titleblocks
    * A1.svg
* sheets
  * sheet_1.svg
  * sheet_2.svg
  * underlay
    * sheet_1-underlay.png
    * sheet_2-underlay.png



  • Thoughts:

    • Assuming that the end product is traditional 2d drawing-sheets in drawing boxes, everything needed to view those sheets (SVG fragments, CSS etc..) should be in subfolders of the folder where you find the sheets. This is so that the folder can be zipped up and contains everything you need to print, convert to pdf etc.. the deliverable 2d documentation for the project.
    • Everything that is the same in every project still needs to be copied into one of these sub-folders, but it should be easy to update when needed, ie. It should be easy to make a git submodule for a house style, or delete the subfolder and let BlenderBIM refill it from defaults shipped with BlenderBIM.
    • Everything that is generated from the IFC, but which is necessary to view a drawing sheet should be in a subfolder that can be deleted at any time. BlenderBIM should be able to update it when needed.
    • Anything that is 'cache', not necessary to view a drawing sheet, but there to speed up the process, should not be stored in a subfolder. Ideally it would be outside the project folder altogether.
    • At some point it might make sense to be able to compile all the SVG and CSS for a drawing-sheet into single SVG files, but this generated output, and similarly any compiled PDFs, should also be outside this folder structure.
  • How can all this be integrated into the ISO 19650 (information management) especially within the standard folders (i.e. ARCHIVE, WIP, SHARED and PUBLISHED folders). I believe one of the things that makes BBIM attractive is the freedom to information management and its compliance to ISO standards.

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