When changing the “EPSet_Status” and “PSet_WallCommon-Status” the changed value is sometimes lost.

Please find attached a simple design of an existing building and a new building. The one Assembly is Existing, and the 2nd is New.
When I change the object Status from Existing to New or vice versa, this change is lost, and it also changes pervious status changes made.

I am using BB 240514


  • It seems to be working, When I open your file all of these elements have a "NEW" phase pset,

    I think you might be getting errors because your wall type also has a phase pset and it's conflicting with the instance of the wall?
    Wall type with phase:

    It seems the inherited phase Pset is overlapping with the issue you are seeing

    This is most likely my fault because of the phases video hahah, but actually try to avoid giving your types a phase especially if your instance also has a phase

  • \0/ now I got it right thanks for the simple solution...

  • You might be interested in this video explaining how simple phasing works and how you can achieve more complex sequencing with tasks.

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