FreeCAD Shape2dview Projection mode "Cut line" error (SOLVED)

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Draft Shape2dview is giving an error when it is in "cut line" mode and the object is not cut by the section.
When put in "solid" the error disappears
FreeCAD 0.22.0 development version
Revision number 38001

c = sh.section(cutp)
: expect shape or sequence of shapes
Shape2DView: expect shape or sequence of shapes



  • I think it works as expected.
    From FreeCAD Wiki

    Cutlines: only works if the selected object is an Arch SectionPlane, projects only the edges cut by the section plane.

    Because there is not an edge being cut by the section plane it shows an error.

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    Hi @bitacovir ,
    I think it is a bug. Look at the following example:
    4 walls
    1 slab
    1 section containing the 4 walls and the slab)
    If Shape2dview is "solid" it is ok
    If I put it as "cut lines" it generates an error.
    It shouldn't generate that error, it should just show the 4 cut walls.

    If the slab is not included in the section, everything works ok
    The problem is when there is an element that is not cut by the section.

    Maybe @yorik knows what the problem is here, previously this worked perfectly

  • With the last build update it was solved: FreeCAD_weekly-builds-38043-conda-Windows-x86_64-py311

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