[BlenderBIM] automatically update BoQ cost items' id (CBS)

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automatically update the Identification of cost items in a BoQ

as shown in the image below all the items in the example BoQ don't have their id set and XXX is indicated instead
these values are often used as the code from a Cost Breakdown Structure, a similar arrangement to the WBS in a time schedule, and change over time due to further editing of the BoQ when needed.
The numbering proposed in this example is just overly simplified, in real life coding might be far more descriptive.

SCRIPT (attached as .txt)

due to my basic python programming skills I asked help from ChatGPT to write a function that recursively goes through the cost items in a cost schedule, starting from the root items, generating their relevant id.
The output is a Pandas dataframe and the editing of the cost items in the chosen BoQ.
I made use of some crucial modules in ifcopenshell.util.cost, very useful stuff
and this is the result:

I also made a video on it, if interested.

Happy modeling (and little coding, why not..) :D
PS for those python experts out there: please forgive me if I butchered the style in some brutal way..

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