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This thread shall be used to discuss about potential presentations for the upcoming meetups.
Feel free to provide your views and ideas, possible candidates, etc.
Note that the meetups are held the first Saturday of each month at 20:00 UTC.



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    For the upcoming meetup, on November 7, Maximilian Thumfart @moethu will talk about the open-source Vi-Sense Project, a project that visualizes data of heating systems in a 3D model of the building they’re installed in.

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    @Andyrexic I believe you have the precedence at this point for the meetup of December 5, always at 20:00 UTC.
    Could this date work for you for a presentation of Home Builder? Even a preliminary response at this point would be enough, given that we are 2 months ahead.

  • @Jesusbill thanks so much for taking the lead on this! I've just given you admin rights, so feel free to pin / unpin the meet up threads as necessary!

  • @gonzalocasas would you be interested in presenting about COMPAS in one of the upcoming meetups?
    That would be great!

  • Regarding the duration of the meetups and the duration of the keynote presentations.
    Based on what discussed in the past I would say a maximum duration of 1:30 hours for the meetup is desirable.
    For the presentation I feel 1:00 hour can be at the presenter's disposal with possibility to exceed this limit with the session of questions and comments after, depending also on other topics to discuss on the agenda.
    Thoughts or suggestions?

  • Agree that 1 hour 30 min is desirable. Longer than that may become too inconvenient for others to watch later.

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    I think aiming for a half to whole hour for a keynote is best. If it can't be said in an hour then maybe it need revisiting at a later time. But as we've done before we can always ask in the meeting if anyone else something else they need to do that means we need to keep it short. So far it seems to be okay sorting it out in the meeting. The Open Ecology keynote was a bit of an exception because there was a fully prepared presentation and a lot to cover. Sometimes we might have an important discussion planned so that half hour can be important for osarch internal matters..

  • Hi @Andyrexic, did you have the chance to think about a presentation of Home Builder for December's meetup (previous post)?
    There may be some other candidates as well, so I would like to know your availability by the end of this week, if possible, so as to manage other requests appropriately, thanks.

  • Hi @Jesusbill Yeah I am available to do a presentation on Home Builder for December.

  • Sounds great @Andyrexic! Thanks for the confirmation, looking forward to!

  • Looking at the dates for January, the first Saturday is on the 2nd, which I think is too close to New Year's Eve. I would propose to hold January's meeting on the 9th. Please vote your preference by "liking" one of the 2 posts below. We can let a couple of days to vote as we may need to lock the date very soon.

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    I prefer holding January's meetup on the 2nd of January, as originally intended

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    I prefer holding January's meetup on the 9th of January, one week after the original date

  • There is the suggestion that we stop recording, or at least publicly, the discussion we have following the keynotes presentation.

  • @duncan said:
    There is the suggestion that we stop recording, or at least publicly, the discussion we have following the keynotes presentation.

    Maybe it would be advantageous and efficient to make, circulate and then publish key points or minutes from the discussions?

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    @RWA108 anyone can edit them, they're a bit thin this time as I didn't grab the chat text. It would be great if someone could take responsibility for taking notes. We should remember to mention that as each meeting gets under way. Please add your notes to those already made. If you want to elaborate just start a thread here and and link to it from the notes.

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    @iosvarms there is now a tag for "Monthly meetup" which I've added to the previous discussions I've found.

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    It was mentioned that we do not make it explicit that the videos will be recorded and uploaded online. This is a good point and something we can improve on. I will suggest this boiler text which will be included on all future meetup announcements, as well as read out verbally at the beginning of the meetup prior to starting the recording.

    The meetup will be recorded and published publicly online under a Creative Commons attribution share-like license to help share everything we learn and discuss with the public. If you are uncomfortable with your presence being recorded and published publicly online, you can turn off your microphone and webcam using the buttons at the middle bottom of your screen. You can still participate by typing into the chat window which can be found on the bottom left. If you want, you can also change your display name to an alias using the menu button on the bottom right, and then clicking your name at the top of the menu that appears. You will be given the option to rename your display name. Alternatively, you are free to not join the meetup, and watch the recording online later, which will be uploaded to Peertube and Youtube.

    We will wait for a minute to let you make these changes, and then start the recording and begin the meeting.

  • Sounds great to me

  • I have added the information to the wiki page, as well as embedded videos of all the past meetups - hopefully this would be a good page to reference in all future meetup announcements to give users an idea of what the meetups are about:

  • ok noidtluom :)

  • Hi all,
    We have 2 topics to propose for the February 6 meeting :

    • BIM ETAT GE : open BIM for building permit procedure.
    • BIMxBEM : Processing IfcRelSpaceBoundary to generate local standards boundaries for energy analysis (Switzerland currently).
  • Re privacy etc, what two splash screen, one for before we start recording (as Dion has done and others have expanded) and one for once the recording starts which says who we are with links to website a little intro etc, we don't have to read it but it's there for whoever find the video. Anyone want to make a two page ODP presentation or something? Then we can attach it to the Monthly Meetup where whoever is at the meeting can open it and share their screen?

  • Feel the "monthly meetup" link a bit hard to find, while "announcement" is in this forum, i can't find it on the wiki (maybe i'm somewhat dumb). A page including peertube / youtube channel link so there is no authoring by hand required for every new meetup, and user are able to access the whole content at once could do the trick, and also a link somewhere on main page.

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    @duncan said:
    @RWA108 anyone can edit them, they're a bit thin this time as I didn't grab the chat text.

    Link to Grab of Chat

  • I've now pulled all the relevant info out of that transcript. Thanks. Created a new page:

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    Hi @Jesusbill here's some suggestions

    We official cancel the monthly meetup 3rd January. Anyone who turns up can just have a chat.

    Here's some ideas for upcomming topics:
    First and foremost: from IFC.js
    We have a story on our front page and he has been getting good retweets on Twitter.

    • We ask members of if they would like to give a talk on bringing new developers into projects and GSoC (maybe @yorik could do that, but it would be nice to hear form one of the others)
    • We ask the two main devs of LibreCAD if they would like to share their thoughts on the state and future of FOSS 2D CAD. ( @Moult and I have some contact with them)
    • We ask the main developer of LibreDWG if he would like to share his thoughts on the state and development of DWG support in Free software (I have some contact with him)
    • Someone from OpenProject

    I would like to hear a talk about the integration of free software in proprietary workflows. Maybe one of these topics:

    • Ehsan from pyRevit or @Cyril for pyRevitMEP
    • speckle with Matteo Cominetti (long history with free software in AEC)
    • someone from Rhino.Inside (wouldn't Blender/FreeCAD inside be amazing?) Rhino is an interesting example of mixing totally commercial software with permissive free software.
      I'm personally interested on their perspective on opening up the commercial players to free software and how they see the role of free software in a commercial setting.
  • I have a contact from OpenProject. I'll reach out to see if they're interested in doing a monthly meetup presentation :)

    Happy to cancel the 3rd Jan Meetup.

  • Hi @duncan, thanks for the optimal proposals and sorry for the radio silence of the last couple of weeks, I had been very busy at work with deadlines for the end of year. Here are my thoughts:

    • For the meetup of January we had actually agreed in the beginning of November to hold it one week later on the 9th/10th. My idea at that time was that it could be a meetup with 10-minutes slots for informal presentations by some of the members and to start with the keynotes from February and on. I wonder, though, if Antonio González Viegas would have the time and the availability to talk about IFC.js that looks so interesting. In theory, we still have time to publicize the event.
      @agviegas - would you like to present IFC.js on January's meetup on the 9th @ 20:00 UTC? If you think it is too soon no worries, let me know and we can start planning it for the following ones.

    • For the meetup of February Cyril had proposed two topics. @Cyril - do you have or can you get an update/confirmation for February's keynote presentation?

    • For all the other proposals, including @Moult's notification about DESsim are all valid and interesting and we should pursue them, the dates are open for March and on
  • @Jesusbill said:

    • For the meetup of February Cyril had proposed two topics. @Cyril - do you have or can you get an update/confirmation for February's keynote presentation?

    Yes. On our side we confirm that we booked the February meeting date.

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