Open source AEC tools to be presented at upcoming buildingSMART virtual summit

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At the beginning of this year (Wow! Time flies!) a submission was put forward to present about IfcOpenShell and open source authoring workflows in a buildingSMART summit. Unfortunately, due to COVID, things got delayed. You can check out the amazing feedback we got on the presentation submission here. It was the most voted upon topic!

The good news is that it's back on the menu, and there is a slot on the 27th of October to present. We have until the 9th Oct to submit a bio and headshot, and 16th Oct to submit a pre-recorded, 20 minute presentation. Time is very tight, but transparency is vital, so here's the thread :)

I will be doing the presentation, and the focus will be on the greater FOSS ecosystem and how it complements open standards. I would love to start by talking about IfcOpenShell as a core, including the huge impact it has on enabling the ecosystem.

Branching out from that, the advice from @aothms is that this audience is less receptive towards generic FOSS advocacy, but would better digest the concept of how FOSS helps enable the ecosystem, accelerate the ecosystem, and battle test standards. Therefore, once IfcOpenShell is introduced (no doubt it is already famous!) we can quickly mention the huuuuuge directory (should totally have a slide with a hundred logos!), and then focus on a few softwares, as well as a few exemplary case studies. I do not want to talk too much about BlenderBIM, as there is another presentation for the awards that will talk about that - and instead focus on the greater ecosystem.

I have a list of topics I'm starting to brainstorm, but first - please let me know if you think there is any exemplary work that should be mentioned!

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  • I totally agree with @aothms, in a sense it might work well for FOSS advocacy to show rather than tell. It seems like you'll have an audience that would respond well to a healthy dose of statistics and infographics. Maybe a questionnaire about FOSS usage in AEC related work, shared here and maybe one or two other groups, would help in getting data you can plug into charts and graphs? The data should also be useful for other documents, applications or presentations, and maybe it can be updated every year so adoption and growth can be tracked. In fact, OSArch could become the go to place for getting such data.

  • I don't really have anything to say in this thread except that this is great and I look forward to seeing it.

  • You will be presenting on the 28th, not the 27th, am I correct? I'll be watching!

  • For those interested, the link to the event is here:

    There will be two talks. One on the 27th - this one is about the relationship of free software and AEC, why open data and open source needs to work together, about OSArch, and a showcase of the cool stuff we've been up to. I believe after the talk I will upload the video online if it isn't already so.

    10:00 - Free software in AEC
    10:00 GMT
    The growing options of free/libre & open source software in AEC, and the importance for free software & OpenBIM in fostering interoperability and collaboration.
    Presenter: Dion Moult (Emerging Digital Engineering Manager at Lendlease)

    The second talk, on the 28th, is about the awards submission I put forward on behalf of the company I work for, Lendlease. A lot of it talks about open source, since all the tech we used is open source, but it also describes a bit more about the application of that, and why an approach to building things in a modular, data pipeline workflow is preferable to the siloed monoliths we have currently. There is quite some overlap between the two presentations.

    10.30 - Technology Finalist 5
    Project title: “A modular tookit for developing openBIM data pipelines”
    Read more:

  • @Moult Good luck with the presentation (and the outcome) today. I won't be able to attend but hopefully there will be a recording after

  • Thanks @Jesusbill ! I'll share the video as soon as I can!

  • The presentation is now available at

    Or Peertube mirror:

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  • 20 minutes of pure gold!! Your train of thoughts and narrative has been flawless really congratulations for this inspiring piece Dion!!

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