VI-Suite v0.6 user manual

Dear community.
Just wanted to let you all know that a user manual for v0.6 of the VI-Suite is now available in the Documentation section of the VI-Suite website (
For those that don't know, the VI-Suite is an open-source add-on (Linux, Windows and OS X) for Blender that interfaces with Radiance (with the LiVi component), EnergyPlus (with the EnVi component) and OpenFOAM (with the FloVi component - Linux only, maybe Windows).
It also contains some contextual and urban analysis capabilities such as sun path, wind roses, shadow mapping and SVF calculation.
v0.6 is by no means bug free, but bug reports are welcome and can be made at the github page (
Video tutorials to come next. They say 'no rest for the wicked'. Just wish I was wicked.



  • This is amazing work @rgsouthall and a huge thank you to your efforts! I have seen Vi-suite before on the Radiance forums. I think we should create a Wiki page for this and feature it on the homepage as it is currently the most mature environmental analysis tool on Blender.

    I haven't had the chance to play with it, and I'm not qualified as a building physics guy, but can you explain what the overlaps are between the Vi-Suite and Ladybug tools? The underlying engines are the same, and both offer a node-based approach. So at a glance I'm not entirely sure. Ping @mostapha ?

  • Hi.
    That, I'm afraid, I can't tell you. I've never used Grasshopper et al. I'm generally Linux only. I can only postulate that whereas Ladybug etc implements elements of analysis that combine to create very flexible work flows, the VI-Suite is more about doing certain things, guided by my research, as well as it can. But I really am guessing here. Nodes, for me, are more about packaging certain blocks of functionality - trading in some flexibility for speed and simplicity - and to define the relationships between things in a building. The VI-Suite also focuses on very deep integration with the Blender API - particle system for Radiance instances for example.

  • @rgsouthall I'm working through setting up the main OSArch site as a news outlet for all the news happening in the FOSS + AEC world. I've backdated an article about this release of yours and it's available here:

    Let me know if you'd like any changes :) As the news site gets going, it would be awesome to continue to post articles there about updates happening with VI-Suite!

  • Very good indeed. Could even constitute the kick up the arse I need to get some video tutorials out this weekend.

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