IFC Viewer on mobile?

Does anyone have a good workflow for getting IFC models onto mobile devices (iOS/Android) WITHOUT having to go through a cloud service (ie.: email the file or share via OneDrive and open directly on device)?
All the ones I have found seem to do processing "on the cloud" at some point and/or require uploading the models to a specific project structure on a cloud service.



  • @vinnividivicci If you can compile IfcConvert for ARM, (well, the hard part is probably compiling the deps really), then I think you can use IfcConvert to give you a format that is easier to feed into a 3D viewer lib on a phone. Ping @aothms who might know how plausible ARM support is.

    I also notice assimp supports Android / iOS. Maybe this is the way to go, but I don't know how good their IFC support is.

  • @Moult said:
    @vinnividivicci If you can compile IfcConvert for ARM, (well, the hard part is probably compiling the deps really),

    It builds fine for aarch64, though I have never tested these binaries on an actual arm device: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/bpostle/IfcOpenShell/build/1771565/

  • Thanks for your input guys! I'm currently leaning towards the simple solution of exporting from Blender directly to glTF (although there seems to be ways to go from IFC straight into glTF using IfcOpenShell and other librairies...), which can basically be viewed anywhere and is an open standard.

    Will report back with a demo and a workflow example once it's more streamlined.

  • @vinnividivicci yeah use IfcConvert which can output glTF directly :) It's not documented on the main IfcOpenShell website, which is very outdated, but it's there!

  • Update on this, I've been using the glTF Viewer app on iOS to view the GLB files produced by IfcConvert. More recently, I discovered a free app called BIM2XR that can convert and open IFC files directly in iOS.

  • Yes, once that project matures a little more and fully supports IFC4 it will be a game changer!

  • By the way, this is a great way for non-coders to contribute - create simple IFC files from various software, and try to load it in IFC.js - if it doesn't load, create a new issue / bug here: https://github.com/agviegas/IFC.js - share your file, as well as open the web inspector in your browser when you load the file (hotkey is usually F12 on most browsers) so it'll show you the relevant errors for debugging. Here's an example of an issue: https://github.com/agviegas/IFC.js/issues/22

    That will greatly help the developer target real-world usecases.

  • What's it using under the hood? Is it a full new implementation of a library for reading IFC files?

  • @duncan said:
    What's it using under the hood? Is it a full new implementation of a library for reading IFC files?

    My understanding is that it's completely written in Javascript, so your browser is doing all the work, no server-side conversion.

    In other news, I found this: https://www.opencascade.com/products/cad-assistant/
    It has an Android and iOS app. Unfortunately, the iOS app has not been updated since 2018 and therefore still requires files to be "side-loaded" via iTunes. This method works but is not practical for sending models to someone on a remote construction site. The Android app is up-to-date but did not want to open an IFC4 file I tested it with... it was able to open a 2x3 file from an attachment though.

    Maybe we could get the OCC guys to update the iOS app? Pretty please? 😎

  • Hey! To clarify a little on this topic: IFC.js has been written entirely in JavaScript. Chevrotain.js is being used to create a completely new IFC parser in JS and the result is mapped with Three.js geometry. Even tough my initial intention was to create an IFC Loader for Three.js, this is completely compatible with the JS ecosystem, f. e. React Native. It doesn't depend on servers, everything is done client side. Don't hesitate to ask me anything regarding this, or send me any files you would like to have implemented as soon as possible. 🙂

  • @agviegas if you're looking for files to test with there is a list here: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=AEC_Open_Data_directory

  • Please let me know what I can improve on BIM2XR to make it interesting.

  • Hi @miriam BIM2XR is not libre software or opensource software as far as I can tell. Are you thinking of putting it under a free software or OSI license?

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