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I've set up some social media presence accounts
We're going to need some people willing to manage those and have a think about what we use each channel for. So please step forward and help if that fits your priorities.

Some questions
LinkedIn has accounts which can have 'pages' and 'groups'. What works best for us? Groups would I think make it easier for many people to post as unmoderated users.
Twitter has a system of 'teams' which also allows non-admins to post content. Anyone know more about how that works?
Youtube looks pretty straight forward, I've started adding other peoples channels (let me know what I'm missing) and made a playlist of our monthly meetups ( @Moult & @Jesusbill we should look into moving/copying the videos to this new account. )

I would prefer we use and promote Mastodon over Twitter and maybe Peertube over Youtube, but let's solve one problem at a time. Again if you know about better solutions or cross posting solutions (I don't) please speak up.

I have issues with both Youtube & Twitter for various reasons, but I hope we can agree that we will use them to promote our project.

Edit 2020-12-08 added new LinkedIn & YouTube links
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  • Hi Duncan, miss archipack yt channel

  • hi @stephen_l , thanks I'll add that. Something seems to be wrong with the way I've set this up. I seem to be confused about the difference between accounts & channels. I seem to have two channels on one account. Of course I only want the OSArch channel, the osarch org thing is just a default because of the way accounts are registered? Can you help me out a bit here?

  • I'm not an expert, should be possible for a single account to handle multiple chanels, however by default the account only hold a simgle chanel. Can't see anything wrong on the page.

  • @duncan said:
    LinkedIn has accounts which can have 'pages' and 'groups'. What works best for us? Groups would I think make it easier for many people to post as unmoderated users.

    As I wrote previously I am leaning towards an OSArch "company" page for LinkedIn, which can have more than one Admins and can have followers. Any post then is done as OSArch, which is similar to having a user profile. An OSArch group can be an alternative but I am not a big fan of groups because:

    • I do not see an extended visibility of posts from the groups I am already a member in the platform, unless I navigate to the group and look at the posts. Let's not forget that BlenderBIM has already a Group but it is rarely used at the moment
    • the posts are made by members without any control, so we can also lose the consistency of content that we want to publish across the channels
    • with a company page, anyone posting can also tag OSArch and bring more visibility, in some sense this is similar to someone posting in an OSArch group

    If there is a consensus on this I can take the initiative to create it and be one of the Admins. LinkedIn is probably the platform I feel most comfortably with to contribute. Thoughts?

  • Sounds good, I'm happy to work on this part as well. Can we have that board @arquiguru talked about here ?
    Is there an os tool we could use? Self hosted librecalc sheets or something like that?

  • @Jesusbill go for it. I'll drop a note here when I've deleted my first attempt so we're sure there's no name conflict. You're sure a company page is free?

  • Hey @JanF maybe Joplin can to the work? I saw this review and it seemed like a good alternative.

  • @duncan I have setup one for Aether Engineering and I am pretty sure there is no payment involved
    @bruno_perdigao Joplin seems nice, but I did not see anything for sharing of tasks between users, looks more like a single-person app, but I could be wrong

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    Looks fine. You can always use tags for assigning tasks if that's what you mean, what I'm wondering is if there's version control/edits log so that we can leave it open to everyone or do we have to limit access?
    I guess I could host it and force the server to save versions to provide a version history, but that's going to take ma a while to figure out.

  • @Jesusbill @bruno_perdigao sorry I can't get Joplin to run, my hosting doesn't allow me to install it and my home server doesn't run 24/7 so I gusess that would be impractical. Can someone else host it or do we find something existing?

  • @JafF Most of the OS options that I've seen require self-hosting.
    I am not experienced in GitHub, do you think it would be possible to use it for this kind of purpose?

  • @JanF I have a small cloud server with Hetzner which I can make available for hosting Joplin.
    But I would need some help in setting it up. Can we work together over the weekend on this?

  • Sure, I mean I am no expert, the only experience I have is with my zyxel nas/arch server but it shouldn't be that hard.

  • Thanks, I had a look at the website and actually installed the desktop version in my ubuntu but I did not quite see any clues about installing the back-end server, that's why I asked for your help. Are we sure this can be done? From the options I see the following menu for the synchronization target

  • Yeah I did the same yesterday and I think it's simpler, we can all just install the app and set the same target (I guess we should use a nextcloud on our server if we want to be completely os here) and that's it. Then we all simply synchronize to the same place.

  • ok I'll take a look at nextcloud tomorrow to see how to install it. Otherwise I do have a Pro account with Dropbox that we could use but I am not sure anyone will be able to synchronize there.

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    @Jesusbill let's avoid Dropbox, they've been behaving badly for the last years so I'm migrating away from them.

    I now finally have nextcloud running on my hosted server. Anyone want an account to play with?

  • If you could set up an osarch presentation account for us to store the joplin database that would be great @duncan. @bruno_perdigao we can of course also use github, but I guess for this purpose it is a bit of an overkill?

  • @JanF but you'd all need accounts right? If I make a group in NextCloud you can share things, I'm guessing some planning apps would be in the list.
    Would one of these work okay? Then I can just press a button and it's part of the system.

  • No I think it's simpler, we'd just need one account to store the data. Then everyone installs the app, uses the same credentials and syncs the same data.
    The Deck app in organization in the nextcloud list seems like it would be better suited.

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    I have concluded the "company page" creation in LinkedIn -
    Took the initiative to add @duncan @JanF and @Moult as admins; if anyone wants to be added let me know.
    We have to declare the industry of the company. I put Architecture and Planning (the best would be AEC but it is not available) while an alternative could be Computer Software. There are many others that I see however as applicable to some extent like Contruction, Civil Engineering and others. Any suggestions are welcome.
    It would be also nice to have a picture of 1128x191 for the cover image. I can give it a try but my artistic abilities are not that strong. I wouldn't want to cause new nightmares to @JanF :D :D
    Anyone wants to give it a try?

    Here is the first post -

  • LinkedIn @Jesusbill I've put a version of our picture up so there is something and the branding is consistent. We can discuss other images once the @JanF s idea of a selection of chosen pictures is implemented. @JanF are you the lead on that initiative?

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    ok @duncan can't say I like it though :)
    In any case the picture has to be tailored for the given dimensions (almost 6:1), so I don't think it can be associated to the photos of the website.

  • @Jesusbill when we have several images to choose from we can choose one. I'll put the latest video up in a minute, just clipping my slides in.

  • I'm working on it, set up the gallery for people to load the images to, but need to still put down some rules and copyright notes.

  • @JanF said:
    copyright notes.

    I suggest public domain. It's a pain dealing with crediting images if we want use them across multiple platforms. I would totally support them being credited in a gallery and maybe mentioned on the support page. But dealing with actual attribution in a tweet is not practical.

  • @duncan did you have time to look at the deck nextcloud app?

  • @JanF I've looked a bit at it but Nextcloud is refusing to update due to some errors. Since I can't update Nextcloud I don't think I will use it for anything until I've fixed that - and I don't have time to fix that just now. So I personally can't offer a FLOSS solution.

  • @duncan I still have my Nextcloud instance.
    @JanF If you want to test Nextcloud deck I can create you an account. pm me your email.

  • @duncan @Jesusbill I think the Deck app looks great for this purpose, I added you two in the LinkedIn management group, did you see it?

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