Has one of you out there tried

It seasm OSS and is hoseted on

cheers bernd

Ahh hi to all of you on osarch. Most of you out there know myself from FreeCAD FEM or FreeCAD ifc codeing.



  • Hey @bernd ! I haven't tried it yet but it is on my to-do list :) For some reason I seem to recall one more similar solution to that recently converted to FOSS, but I can't remember the name right now!

  • @Jesusbill It depends on your PM strategy and which methods you implement! Traditional PM like CPM?

    OpenProject supports CPM and somewhat Kanban, and it's not fully open source, even IfcOpenShell is not fully open source when even bSI can't use the GUID corrector Thomas and Dion developed

    I hope I see more "mature" solutions in open source community, than traditional solutions

  • is a simple solution yet, something similar to BCF viewers and I'll be happy to see what's their idea and view about "Workflow Management"

    I don't have any issue with licences like LGPL3, or other licenses that are somewhat open and somewhat close, but I'm strict in solution, and ideas

    Today anyone can start an open source project, but "rarely" you will see some solutions that be good enough and have the chance to survive in this messy environment full of solutions that are similar mos of the times

  • I don't really know, I have no experience with PM workflows

  • I appreciate all projects, all of them are invaluable

    However, I think there's a need for more better projects, especially in open source community

    And I think finding the right methods and solution is 90% of the job, and 10% is write the code

  • @ReD_CoDE what do you mean OpenProject and IfcOpenShell is not fully open-source? Thomas and I did not develop a "GUID corrector"?

  • @Moult It seems that I was wrong about both OpenProject and IfcOpenShell? GPL and LGPL are fully open source? And because IfcDoc is AGPL the bSI could use your code? Which it seems that it solved? (

    Sorry for my misunderstanding, I checked and realized that I judged wrongly

  • Please open edit


  • GPL and LGPL are fully open source. The comment in that Github issue made by "tldddd" is incorrect. The code can be used in closed source software.

  • Yes, just AGPL closes the right to use it in closed software

    It was my fault

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