• This is what it looks like when you're in Denmark and go through your LinkedIn contacts and make relevant suggestions to follow. So far we have 97 followers

  • Two weeks later and we now have 262 followers. Still 24% mostly from my own country of residence. @KasperMiller (also large Danish network) is probably also pushing that number up.

  • This is what it looks like when you're in Denmark and go through your LinkedIn contacts and make relevant suggestions to follow.

    How do I do this? Is it like a cold call, where I send a message individually? Or is there a less intrusive approach?

  • This is the method I used, of course it requires being an admin, which you are. If @JanF and @Jesusbill wanted to do the same we could quickly grow our followers. I have a bit over 900 connections, I think I sent the invite to maybe 30 of them? I only send it to people who I would tell anyway in a casual conversation. No hard sell. They'll see it eventually from my shares if they're interested.

    The much slower and more time consuming method but more organic is to mention people in comments to posts from the group. But that's not the same as a direct encouragement to follow a company page.

  • @duncan fantastic! I had no idea that function existed. I've just sent about 40, out of ~1600 connections. Let's see what happens.

  • Hi @lukas I just wrote to you on LinkedIn right? I don't understand what you want to do. Would you like to be a manager of the account? That allows you to post from it.

    Personally I don't like the 'articles' Artem has written. I see them mostly as informative opinion pieces with little verification of facts. I'm still shocked that he thinks Google search statistics can show market share of software.

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    Hi @Duncan,
    I am not good enough to manage this account.. I thought I could relink things I felt are interesting to the osarch-linkedin account.
    But may be this is not the way the account is used for. When I log myself into my account, I get news from everywhere.. sometimes also BIM related informations.. these I wanted to forward to the osarch account.. but do not know how-to. The same is goes about my researchgate account.. that is why I post all those paper links from researchgate to I just want to forward informations..

  • @lukas I think the OSArch account should primarily be around free software that relates to AEC, not a general BIM site. Looking at that article, I only see a cursory mention of open source, and so I don't think it is particularly relevant.

  • @lukas the 'company' account can't "like" things and sharing from it requires feeding it with something a bit original, so I'm still learning the best way to use it.

    Also I strongly agree with @Moult and think there are mountains of content related to BIM in general, I think we should just stay totally away from it until it overlaps libre software / open standards.

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    We're at 344 followers but still Denmark in the lead but only at 14% - @Jesusbill maybe you could push an invite out to some of your contacts? Oslo and Sydney are now on the map, probably @Moult and @condur helping there. Who has the big network in Paris I wonder.

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    @duncan : Done. I invited around 50 people and I will do more, the list is long.

    Who has the big network in Paris I wonder

    If it has been developed over the last weeks perhaps not but I think my network has contributed to this (related to Code_Aster and related Projects in France, for example Aether Engineering's first location is Paris). I had done a couple of announcements in the beginning of OSArch from my account and from Aether's account.

  • @duncan it's not me, my laptop died before Christmas and I haven't been very active.
    Anyone has an idea how to invite connections in android app? I can't find it.

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