FOSDEM21 submissions for presentations closes tomorrow 20

FOSDEM21 will be held online 6 & 7 February 2021
Deadline of submission for presentations in the category Open Source Computer Aided Modeling and Design is tomorrow 20 at 23:59 UTC.
Is BlenderBIM doing a presentation?
It could be good for bringing more developers to this project.


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    Additionnal info : FOSDEM is usually help in Belgium but 2021 will be held online as almost every event during this pandemic year.

  • @bitacovir thanks for the heads up! I've quickly thrown together a submission!

    Title: The growth of free software in Building Information Modeling for architects, engineers, and construction
    Subtitle: A summary of free software developments related to OpenBIM, OSArch, IfcOpenShell, the BlenderBIM Add-on, FreeCAD, and more

    The architecture, engineering, and construction industry is a vast, diverse, but highly proprietary field. The primary means of data exchange between architects, structural, MEPF engineers, cost planners, surveyors, program schedulers, asset/facility management and more revolve around a concept known as Building Information Modeling (BIM) in addition to CAD. Many of these tools do not exist as free software, or are drastically better, or are dominated by a monopoly vendor market with lock-in business practices.

    Free software implementations of BIM have seen rapid growth in the past year, with new utilities available for OpenBIM building models, quality auditing, diffing, clash detection, issue management, facility management, environmental simulation, and more. This is supported by a newly formed community known as OSArch. Dion Moult, a main developer of the BlenderBIM Add-on, IfcOpenShell contributor, and one of the OSArch founders, will present a summary of these events, demonstrate how free software communities have collaborated and shared resources, and where this leads in the future. The BlenderBIM Add-on was recently awarded the buildingSMART 2020 Awards in Technology, the international standards body for BIM.

  • Just an update that the application to FOSDEM 21 has been successful! Woohoo! It will be a virtual event. Here are the dates I'm told:

    The last day for uploads is January 24th. This means that we should aim for getting a draft video ready with your full talk by January 16.

    Full steam ahead!

  • A heads up that the event is now up: - I will publish this to the OSArch events page soon!

  • Bump that the video is now published online, available at the same link:

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