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Hello team,
I would be glad to contribute with translate the wiki to Spanish and maybe to portuguese. How can I do it? I find the "translate" section in how to contribute page, but there is no button for translations. Did I miss something?



  • @denissoto that would be great! I think one thing we might want to do is mark which pages it makes sense to translate. Lots of content is very new and fluid and often edited. I'm not really sure about the best way to tackle this, there's also no special reason why English should be the dominant language but it must be best to have pages that are well linked together - right? Do you have a suggestion?

    @Moult is there anything special we can do to activate some features for translation? I know nothing about this but I'm sure there will be some specific functions.

  • I unfortunately haven't had the time to look into the best way to setup translations in the Wiki. @denissoto do you have some experience with web applications and would like to do some research on this? If not, I'll try to find some time in the next week or so.

  • @denissoto but I think you should just go for it for some of the main pages - for example just make a until we find a better solution. We can work out the best solution later.

  • @Moult I have experience with web applications, I can make the research. I'll let you know if I find out something.
    @duncan of course, I can do that. Thanks guys!

  • @duncan I've created this:
    First column is translated, I will continue later.

  • Hello @Moult , I see that we are using MediaWiki as wiki engine. In their documentation you can find this article that explains how to enable multilingual wiki articles. I think this should be configured by the Wiki or server admin:

  • I've already translated 3 articles, 1 of them still in WIP.

    I've created this spreadsheet with all the articles of the wiki to see what is still pending. There should be a better solution to organize this task than a google spreadsheet, but this was the fastest way I found to record my progress.

    Any idea to manage this project is welcome

  • @denissoto manage it on the talk page of the front page translation? That's where casual editors are most likely to find it.

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