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Hello everyone 👋,
I have created this discussion because i realized that there is no discussion, specific to 'Home Builder for Blender' created by @Andyrexic. So if you have any comments, feedback or anything to share in regards to 'Home Builder', feel free to do so. 🚀



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    I think 'Home Builder' really needs a website of its own. Just like BlenderBIM does. And a clear documentation. It has a great potential and people should comfortably access these features. I wanted to make a donation for the development of it and I couldn't find any site where I can do so.

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    Good idea for a dedicated thread - I like it!

    @gokermu if you're online we can meet in the chat and I can show you around the wiki which is where we in this project can help with documentation until a project makes its own documentation. @Andyrexic may not feel that the project is ready for documentation, but I'm sure he won't mind someone else describing how it works now.

    Here's a stub page for Home Builder.

    And here's what I think is a good example of a basic page for software. We haven't really agreed on a format so it's just something I've been developing:

  • Great start @gokermu ! Recently Andrew uploaded multiple video's explaining how to make your own assets, save them to your library etc, see: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ZAUNu__wZZumBBy3tCMBQ/videos

  • In the description of the video on Youtube the link to Homebuilder/PyClone website is found: https://creativedesigner3d.com/ @Andyrexic

  • @tlang said:
    In the description of the video on Youtube the link to Homebuilder/PyClone website is found: https://creativedesigner3d.com/ @Andyrexic

    yes, I saw the creativedesigner website but what I was talking about was more like https://blenderbim.org . with dedicated documentation, tutorials, etc. I think right now, it's a bit complicated even to download the tool.

  • I think the first task is to make this page a useful starting point for anyone trying to make use of Home Builder:
    The rest needs to be a discussion with @Andyrexic (Andrew Peel)

  • Hey everyone!

    Creating a dedicated Home Builder Website is a great idea. Since it's still pretty early in development I have been focusing on development and documentation rather than creating on an official website. When I get close to an 'Official' release I will start the process of putting this together.

    @duncan thank you for creating the wiki page for Home Builder. When I get time I will start to add information to the wiki, but I appreciate anyone who wants to help.

    Also, here is the first training series on creating assets for Home Builder. The last video in the series will be uploaded tomorrow.

  • Hey everyone,

    I have just released some information that demonstrates creating 2D Dimensioned Drawings for PyClone Assemblies and information on how assembly data can be exported from Blender. I know BlenderBIM and Archipack have some tools to create the same type of information, but I wanted to put together some information that explains how this could work for Home Builder.

    Now that I have a good starting point I am going to be doing some research into how BlenderBIM and Archipack achieve these results.

    If anyone has any feedback please let me know.

    2D Drawings -

    Assembly Export -

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    @Andyrexic has released PyClone 2.92 with drawing generation and more new functions, see: https://creativedesigner3d.com/2021/03/26/new-release-pyclone-2-92/

  • @Andyrexic this is worth a news article on OSArch.org! Would you like to write some text for it? Ping @bruno_perdigao who is managing this.

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