Monthly Meetup #11: 6th February 20:00 UTC

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For February's Monthly Meetup, we have two keynote presentations, the first on a web-based BIM platform and the second on Building Energy Modelling (BEM) based on BIM.

Thomas Hächler will talk about:

  • an open-source platform to manage BIM data including all aspects with a simple and powerful interface. Based on web technologies and for mobile usage, with built-in features such as flexible data, 3D viewer with dynamic styles, BCF, geometric and data checker(see also BIM ETAT GE (in French))

Cyril Waechter will talk about:

  • BIMxBEM: Processing IfcRelSpaceBoundary to generate local standards boundaries for energy analysis (Switzerland currently). Despite numerous scientific projects, studies and articles on how to use BIM for building energy modeling (BEM) this topic is not solved for various reasons. This project aims at the following workflow for BEM. Retrieve building data from IFC. Process it accordingly to local standards. Send processed data to energy analysis software. Get feedback through IFC and/or BCF.

Disclaimer: Each meetup will be recorded and published publicly online under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 license to help share everything we learn and discuss with the public. If you are uncomfortable with your presence being recorded and published publicly online, you can turn off your microphone and webcam using the buttons at the middle bottom of your screen. You can still participate by typing into the chat window which can be found on the bottom left. If you want, you can also change your display name to an alias using the menu button on the bottom right, and then clicking your name at the top of the menu that appears. You will be given the option to rename your display name. Alternatively, you are free to not join the meetup, and watch the recording online later, which will be uploaded to a public Peertube channel and Youtube channel.
At the start of each meeting, we will reiterate the public nature of these meetings to allow for any privacy concerns, and give time for users to anonymize themselves as necessary, and then start the recording and begin the meeting.



  • @Jesusbill I tried to warn you on chat. This is 2 completely different projects. The 1st one is not especially related to BEM.

  • @Cyril sorry, I have corrected the announcement, but nothing I can do for the newsletter.
    In any case, it is good to have more attendees from the BEM sector.

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    @duncan sorry I lost connection and could not get in any more.
    Anyway regarding the issues, is there no way to give the right to mute and kick people just to a moderator?
    @Jesusbill let me know when the recording is uploaded so I can cut it

    And one thing I always forget: the Deck board for social media posts I tried to set up on nextcloud doesn't seem to work well, I wrote a post about krita there and nobody reacted to it in any way, so I guess we should think of something else.

  • @JanF Recordings are in the shared Dropbox Folder, let me know if you have any problem accessing it. I checked and there are no issues, the recording was done correctly

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    Many people ask me to send them the recording link. Where is it stuck ? Need help ?
    Oops, recording is already on youtube actually. My bad.

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