IFC Export Not Visible In Revit

When I try to export a simple cube from Blender to IFC I find that I can't see anything show up in Revit 2021. Have I set something incorrectly? It does show up in BIMVision.


  • Sharing the Blend file is not sufficient - you will also need to share the IFC file. Two initial guesses, which I won't know for certain until I see the IFC:

    1. Maybe Revit doesn't support importing IfcBuildingElementPart classes? This may be solved by using a different class.
    2. Maybe you are exporting an IFC4, and the particular version you are using of the IFC link add-on in Revit doesn't support IFC4 tessellations? This may be solved either by exporting to IFC2X3, or enabling the "Force faceted brep" vendor workaround and updating the mesh.
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