FLOSS workflow with Regard3D+Blender+FreeCAD

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Just another example of a FLOSS workflow for a small job (documentation and registration of an illegal house's renovation).

1) Point cloud with Regard3D
I shoot several photos of the building with a smartphone and took measurements as reference. Then I process the images with Regard3D to get the point cloud. Very easy to use and tolerant with the poor quality of the photos. I tried to use meshroom, but it failed when it tried to recognize the graphic card's drivers (I have NVIDIA CUDA).

2) Volumetric mesh reconstruction with Blender + point cloud visualizer (0.9.3v).
Using Blender I could visualise the point cloud and generate a volumetric mesh to get the general dimensions and shapes of the building.

3) BIM model with FreeCAD (using as reference the mesh from Blender).
Once I got a good mesh volume, I exported a stl file to FreeCAD to recreate the main walls and windows with the Arch Workbench.

4) 2D CAD documentation (sections, elevations, etc) with FreeCAD.
(Work in progress)...
With the 3D model finished, I started to extract 2D sections and views from the model to produce a basic 2D CAD documentation for the authority's office registration. I will finish with TechDraw workbench for final drawings.


Blender point cloud visualizer (0.9.3v)

FreeCAD (ArchWB)

FreeCAD (DraftWB)

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