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Maybe (for whatever reason) i want to use some somebodies public creation that was originally modelled with Sketchup, and provided in Warehouse. I'm having a hard time bringein this in Blender. I can be done, but many times it crashes at importing or when applying a cutting / section box

What advice to reuse Sketchup modeldata? Dae, not ifc..
And a Legal note: Does Sketchup prohabit the use of dae / kmz / skp in orther 3D software ? Does anybody know?

"2. Use of 3D Warehouse

Subject to these Terms of Use, you may use 3D Warehouse to view, search, locate, download,**** and Distribute Models.**** Trimble reserves the right to refuse access to 3D Warehouse to anyone at any time in its sole discretion.

“Models” are individual, separate three-dimensional models of objects created, designed, and developed by you or a third-party (a “Developer”) or by Trimble and include related content and information about or included with the Models. Trimble is not responsible for any Developer Models. “Distribute” means to submit, upload, distribute, sell (upon Trimble's implementation of payment systems) and/or license Models you have created to end users.

Currently all Models are made available and Distributed through 3D Warehouse free of charge. If Trimble implements a payment system, Trimble will post additional terms to these Terms of Use describing the ways in which Models may be purchased and sold through 3D Warehouse.

To download and use the Models, you need software that is compatible with the Model (for which Trimble or the applicable manufacturer may charge a separate fee) and a computer device with Internet access; such requirements may change from time-to-time and are your responsibility.

This very nice model!


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    To benefit on projects i will need 3 Blenders installed. Release 2.79b for .3ds export, and 2.8 for .skp and the current build to work with the lastest .ifc. That is not ideal. What is teh reason certain 3d fileformats seem to get skipped or 'forgotten'? Some addons are really crucial for design and construction. Does it have a technical or legal reason? Addons can't keep up the pace?

  • Addons are responsibility of their authors. Many things could happen that force a developer to quit an addon project.

  • 3ds format has many limitations, like 65535 tirangles / object maximum. As popular as it has been there is less interrest into work on such format importer/exporter anymore, until someone take time to do so.

  • Due to a number of shortcomings, we should never use the 3DS format if at all possible. I'm not surprised it is no longer supported. Once 3DS is out of the picture you can upgrade to >=Blender 2.8. Both the BlenderBIM Add-on and the Sketchup importer seems to work with the latest stable Blender version.

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    Yes, i see now ! Haha..

    However, the Sketchup addon does notwork properly in the last Blender version. And also in earlier versions the export is mentioned but does nothing.

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