Monthly Meetup #14: 8th of May 20:00 UTC

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For this monthly meetup we are glad to host Frédéric Beaupère @fbpyr, from ERNE Holzbau and one of the active members of OSArch, to present his work on developing and using two BlenderBIM Add-ons in Production.

  • Ifc_Void_Data: A void data aggregation tool that overlays IFC models of multiple disciplines and combines data of interest for "ProvisionForVoids".
  • Rn2BB2Rvt: Connector to translate specific models from Rhino into IFC for Revit

Disclaimer: Each meetup will be recorded and published publicly online under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 license to help share everything we learn and discuss with the public. If you are uncomfortable with your presence being recorded and published publicly online, you can turn off your microphone and webcam using the buttons at the middle bottom of your screen. You can still participate by typing into the chat window which can be found on the bottom left. If you want, you can also change your display name to an alias using the menu button on the bottom right, and then clicking your name at the top of the menu that appears. You will be given the option to rename your display name. Alternatively, you are free to not join the meetup, and watch the recording online later, which will be uploaded to a public Peertube channel and Youtube channel.
At the start of each meeting, we will reiterate the public nature of these meetings to allow for any privacy concerns, and give time for users to anonymize themselves as necessary, and then start the recording and begin the meeting.



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