Polls for "work day" Monthly Meetups

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I have created two polls to help choose days and time slots for monthly meetups during a work day.
The expiration date is yet to be defined.

Poll for "Preferred work day for a monthly meetup": https://framadate.org/smFr3Xtil5mpdiC4
Poll for "Preferred time in a work day for a monthly meetup": https://framadate.org/haXkbunajNXyovt5



  • If the process works we can replicate it then also for the primary monthly meetup.

  • For some reason this thread does not show in my list unless I filter it by the "meetup" keyword.
    I warmly invite who sees it to vote in the two polls, thank you.

  • At the moment the results of the polls are:

    • Thursday as the most popular day
    • 19:00 UTC as the most popular time
  • I'd like to start the countdown for these polls that will be terminated at 23:59 on the 30th of June, 2021.

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