Google Summer of Code students announced!

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that the GSoC programme students are selected! The results are in:

Congrats to all students helping push open source CAD, CAM, and BIM: Amanjot Singh (BRL-CAD), Shiv Charan Sharma (FreeCAD), Artur Tomczak (IfcOpenShell), Vikram Atreyapurapu (BRL-CAD), Singh @Prabhat (IfcOpenShell), and Abhishek Rawat (OpenSCAD).

Ping @yorik @bruno_perdigao - what do you reckon about co-authoring a longer announcement to be published on



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    Wow! Three projects for BIM technology! Congrats!! No LibreCAD project this year. :'(

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    There were far less projects this year, and they will work only half the time of previous years... so i guess there was a bit less enthusiasm around GSOC..
    Yeah, definitely, let's announce!

  • @Moult I'm in. I can start the post, and then I will get to you for the details

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    @Moult @bruno_perdigao maybe you can check with the students if they have social media handles they would like us to promote (one per person). It can be a good way of giving them exposure and a link takes the same place as a name.
    If we can push their profiles and show them lots of love and support they're more likely to hang around after GSoC. What is usually done at the end of GSoC to celebrate their contributions?
    @Jesusbill maybe we could have a GSoC monthly meetup where they just quickly present what they've worked on?

  • @bruno_perdigao awesome! We can target to publish this hopefully next week I believe.

    I have pinged @Prabhat and Artur on IRC for any preference on social media / links.

  • Great news, congrats to students and mentors for the proposals!
    @duncan yes certainly, great idea, we can host one or even more GSoC meetups, I guess versus the end of the summer.

  • A little late, but I wrote a draft about this announcement. I am thinking about publishing tomorrow. @Moult @duncan could you take a look and let me know if there is anything to improve? Thanks

  • Looks great @bruno_perdigao I have done minor grammar fixes and SEO fixes. Go ahead and publish if @duncan has no objections :)

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