Embed forum into Wordpress site

We are doing a test of embedding the forum into the Wordpress site (https://osarch.org/). Main reasoning would be to have consistent navigation bar and footer on the site and the forum.
Test it at: https://osarch.org/discussions-2
If we decide to switch forum solution (to Discourse) as discussed in Forum / wiki questions the same exact solution will not work. Here's some discussion on embedding Discourse into another site.

However, testing this made me realize that we need a specific top banner for the forum anyways, since it contains UI for the forum itself..
PS. This post is created from the embedded version.



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    Cool...would suggest getting rid of that.

  • @theoryshaw said:
    Cool...would suggest getting rid of that.

    Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out a way to do that within the Wordpress theme in order to avoid some ugly hack.. We might need to have a discussion about changing WordPress theme because we keep running into issues with these hero banners.

  • Maybe we should just tweak the theme :)

    If I read it right, the only way to embed Discourse in another site is to use a whole new forum software which 1) plugs into your CMS and 2) pulls from the Discourse API. This could potentially give quite a different experience to the vanilla Discourse.

  • After this test I'm leaning more towards not embedding, but spend some time making the top banner look the same on WP and the forum. And then do the same for the Wiki.
    And hopefully we can replicate a similar top banner with Discourse if we decide to switch.

  • Out of curiosity, what's the logic?

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    @Moult said:
    Out of curiosity, what's the logic?

    To make it easy to change system if we want to.

    And to avoid stuff like double top bars on the discourse page (WP top banner and then Discourse top banner).
    On the other hand, there's some neat stuff in the Discourse/WP integration like having comments on posts become threads on the forum automagically..

    As I said, leaning, not decided ;).

  • All forums I participate on, are not embedded. They just link to the main site. Most are discourse. I see no problem with that at all.

    Discourse used as an independent site also allows for installing an app in your mobile devices. That app is a simplified version of the web browser which some people like to use. I bet that is not possible if it's embedded.

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