Speckle and IFC.js Team Up

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"We will be using the IFC.js engine to parse user-uploaded IFC files, decompose them and subsequently store them in Speckle. This will make them available via our API, as well as in the applications we serve. As such, once you've uploaded an IFC file to Speckle, you will be able to bake it (or parts of it!) in Rhino, Grasshopper, Unreal and Unity, as well as all the other software Speckle integrates with."

Excited to see where this goes.



  • This is really great! @dimitrie and @agviegas congratulations! This is the type of battle testing needed to get top notch web-based IFC support.

  • Yes! We can't wait to get this in front of our users. We're unfortunately not moving as fast as we'd want - there's still a lot of extra dev to do on the "kitchen sink side" (integrations with our server, and other devops stuff...) - anyway, stay tuned!

  • I'm also curious if IfcOpenShell can help in any way - it certainly doesn't help much in uploading via a web interface, but on the desktop, it has quite a lot of utilities that could be useful, such as the authoring API, transaction support, and express parsing.

  • We are really excited about this! 🚀🚀🚀

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