Does anybody know OpenLCA?

I was recently made aware of

It seems to be quite well established and powerful. Has anybody else used it?


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    @Moult said:
    I was recently made aware of

    It seems to be quite well established and powerful. Has anybody else used it?

    There are tutorials and demonstrations in Youtube. I just watched a short presentations and it is very friendly to use. Here for a plastic bag (Spanish)

  • Curious how reliable are these tools ?

  • @paullee said:
    Curious how reliable are these tools ?

    It is just a calculator. It all depends on the data base.

  • I see, thanks

  • Another tool that includes Life Cycle for buildings is

  • OpenLCA apparently acts as a reseller of databases from very well known sources like Gabi and Ecoinvent, and I hear through the grapevine of sustainability folks that OpenLCA is held to a very high regard in terms of data quality vetting, but this is only grapevine talk :) I've added it to the wiki software directly. It would be good to get more sustainability tools integrated.

  • Not sure if this is the relevant thread on the forum to discuss or whether to start a new thread... but I recently became aware of a newer plugin to Rhino and Grasshopper (sadly it is not opensource) called that aims to be able to perform a full LCA analysis based on a input 3D Rhino/GH model. I was just wondering whether anyone here is aware of a opensource efforts for LCA using perhaps Sverchok?

  • Well, yesterday I built a small prototype for the BlenderBIM Add-on to connect to OpenLCA:

    This allows you to enter process system inputs via the Blender interface, and run a calculation on a listening OpenLCA application. A Sverchok UI would also be fairly straightforward, perhaps something @kaiaurelienzh can tackle?

    To make this fully useful for BIM, proper grouping, search sets, and aggregated bill of quantities are required. The good news is we've already made significant progress on cost schedules so we are well on our way there.

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    I've never heard of OpenLCA before either, I'll be available this Sunday again to hack in case you are available.

  • Yep, available anytime. Send a message over in IRC so that others interested can also join in with time/timezone :)

  • I've added the software page:
    Seems like a very important project. @Moult can you add something about how it connects to BBIM? Preferably a text that doesn't go quickly out of date ...

  • It is an incredibly important project and amazing how mature it is. The connection is very superficial at the moment. When you launch the OpenLCA desktop application, you have an option to enable an "IPC Server", basically makes your currently active app listen to commands on a port. They have a Python client to this, so any function available by the app can be run remotely via code. For now, we simply allow them to insert a quantity and press the "calculate" button for an already setup LCA model. It offers little to no tangible benefit other than a technical demo that a connection is possible.

    The actual value comes in linking BIM quantities directly to the LCA model, so that updates to the BIM model can automatically know how to rerun the LCA calculation. Unfortunately, the quality of BIM model geometry are often too poor to be reliable for this, so perhaps we need to link a cost schedule or a derivative of a cost schedule used purely for LCA quantity take-off. But this is uncharted territory and I need some help from LCA experts to make sure it is done correctly before I can start claiming any meaningful connection.

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