Pasting Images not working in forum

Previously I was able to paste images into the text on the forum but this does not seem to work anymore.
Has anyone else had this experience?
I have tried it on a number of browsers and none are working for me anymore.


  • Test:

    There is a new text editor. Click on the insert image icon, and then paste there.

  • All I get is a text entry box that asks for 'Image URL', I can't drag and drop images or paste from the clipboard, either in the comment box or this text entry box (Firefox)
    If I paste the URL of your image into the box I get this:

  • This is what I see, and I can paste an image from a clipboard just fine?

  • @Moult I use Chrome, so it seems that Browse feature is not active for us

  • @ReD_CoDE I've tested it in Chrome and it works fine.

  • I only see the Image URL bit, Firefox on desktop and Android

  • It was a member permission setting - should be fixed.

  • @Moult the time I posted it didn't work, but now I see that feature, it works now

  • Perfect! Thanks!

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