CAD Add-on in Blender (and other useful Add-ons)

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Hello everybody.
I would like to start a discussion about opensource CAD drawing software.
I have the feeling that professional CAD drawing software is one one of the last things i am really missing on my linux environement.
I use Qcad but it has defenitly it flaws.
I know that there is Librecad a fork of qcad which provides some pro features but still lacks some crucial features.
Inkscape is not a good choice either IMO.
Freecad has its arch workbench where cad drawings are possible but something prevents me from using it ( maybe the complexity, maybe because its workflow is too far away from proprietary alternatives).
For some time I have been thinking that it should be quite practical and doable to create a blender addon that provides CAD drawing capabilities to Blender.
Recently i found this addon: Geometry Sketcher which seems really great and is working somehow similair to sketcher in Freecad.
Sadly i am not a developer and cant help with the developement of this addon.
What do you think about having an addon with sketcher functions for blender?
Would some of you be able to help this project getting more advanced (better snapping, modifying etc)?
Or do you thing that we dont need an addon like this because thats what freecad is there for?
How would this addon be working together with blenderBIM?



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