Why when I import this ifc file in BlenderBIM I cannot see any graphic?

Please find here the ifc file.



  • It imports fine. All you need to do, is set your view clipping
    accordingly. It might also be an idea to adjust the level geometry to the actual model extents while still in Revit.

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    why does the ifc file look like this when its open?

  • I think that may be because you chose IFC2X3 rather than IFC4 for your export, so the geometry while still being accurate is not based on properly modelled meshes but solely on boundary representations. Maybe one of the developers has a more accurate explanation.
    If you mean why has out of the box blender its clipping end set to 1000 m, that may be because it is good enough for most models. If it were not for the level remnants around the origin, it would have been enough for this file, too.

  • There's nothing legally wrong with the IFC as shown below, and indeed a modification of the clipping and zooming to extents will have it shown correctly.

    However, your model is rather far away from the origin. This wouldn't be as much of a problem, except that you have some objects at the origin, and some very far. If all objects were far, then we could simply create a new virtual origin and offset your model. Unfortunately, typically due to a limitation in Revit, you get the situation you've shown.

    The appropriate method is to move your model close to your origin. In Revit, you can place your Project Base Point close to your building, and then export your IFC using the project base point as the origin.

    There is further reading about Revit geolocation here https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=Revit_IFC_geolocation (although you're not actually doing geolocation, I would assume - your model is simply very far away). You can also read more about the distance limits in the BlenderBIM Add-on here: https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell/blob/v0.6.0/src/blenderbim/docs/blenderbim/georeferencing.rst

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