Showcase your project as part of OSArch!

@teocomi & the Speckle crew are arranging an online conference 19.-21. October. Read about it on the event page and in our forum

They've offered OSArch a spot and I've said we'd love to take it. Please mention below a project with a connection to OSArch you'd like to hear about for just 5 minutes. The idea is that we spend 5-10 minutes talking about OSArch and then showcase some projects for just a few minutes each. But this relies on two things

  • what projects should be presented?
  • who's going to present them?

When it's such short presentation I hope most people we've already had present are also happy to do a short version (pre recorded is probably fine, maybe best). For just 5 minutes you could probably just present that project you love so much even if the developers don't present it themselves.

My aim would be to give the community of people Speckle can bring together a taste of who we are and the synergies we support and make possible.

It's a great opportunity to bring new minds and projects into our melting pot of ideas and collaborations.

So, what projects do you think should have a spot?



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