IFC exporting to BIM software

I am working on a project that is to be constructed out of prefab building modules. I have exported a module in IFC from my BIM software and successfully imported to Blender. Then, I parented the module to a plane and instanced that plane to create an array of the modules. Now, I want to export this new project as an IFC file and the goal is to be able to open in my BIM software and have the ability to see the various floorplans. However, my IFC exporter in Blender doesn't seem to be working, it doesn't produce a result.

Looking forward to figuring this out with y'all, I am very excited to have brought Blender into the workflow for this application because the flexibility to create module arrays is much greater here than in other BIM software.

Thank you..


  • Arrays are tricky things. The BlenderBIM Add-on software doesn't import and export from IFC, despite the misleading menu items. What it actually does is read the IFC format as a native file, and then save it back. Therefore, not all of Blender's features have a correlating representation in IFC. For example, if you used metaballs, certain curves, or certain modifiers, they may not work. This gap in features is slowly being closed over time.

    Would it be possible to share your file or organise a screenshare so that we can further debug your situation?

  • Hi Dion,
    Thanks for the quick response. I would be happy to hop on a screenshare. Here's a link to the file too. I will reach out to you directly.

    Looking forward to talking.

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    I am working on exporting a module from Revit and re-importing, with a small but noticeable change to the geometry. I was able to export the default cube and see it in Blender, which was promising, but i can't seem to export the IFC file that I imported. Here's the file http://www.filedropper.com/untitled2_2

  • I'm going to reevaluate the strategy and see if Dynamo might be the best solution here.

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