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Hello all!

My name is Dion Moult. I was trained as an architect in Sydney, and worked in a large architecture firm for several years. My roles spanned a variety of tasks, around visualisation, concept design, council submissions, tender, and construction phases. I am now working in a large developer / construction firm as an "emerging digital engineering manager" - effectively looking at the digital aspects of project delivery, with a focus on emerging technologies.

I have worked as a software engineer in the past and contributed to many open-source projects. I am familiar with Linux and am comfortable to manage servers. I have developed many web applications. I also have a background in CG-style modeling and rendering with Blender, and have basic animation experience. I have used Radiance for luminance simulations and I really like it. I am somewhat familiar with typesetting, using LaTeX for documents and Lilypond for musical notation.

I am now developing the BlenderBIM Add-on and a variety of other free software utilities under the IfcOpenShell umbrella, allowing people to read, write, and manipulate IFCs in a variety of ways using Blender, as well as produce construction documentation.

I have a blog where I talk about a variety of things.


  • Hi, thanks for the invitation Dion! My name is Hans. I am a structural engineer with a interest in 2d and 3d software development. I am, waht could be called, bim sceptical but see much changing. Hope to learn a little bit more in this open area.. cheers

  • Hi Guys, Ryan Schultz here. Am an architect. I founded an open source architecture firm.

    I'd be excited to see this forum used to develop a roundtripping standard between OS BIM programs. As the general momentum seems to be going, it would seem that foundation would be IFC.

    Would be great to see a tighter and more robust IFC implementation that forefronts roundtripping between these various OS BIM programs.

    A fledgling initiative, that can start simple, and build out from there. For example, @yorik and I have been playing around with creating a basic workflow between Freecad and Revit with simple extrusions and IFC materials to generate 3D details.

    Our test bed:

    Example details:

    Would be awesome to see some day... "FreeCAD and BlenderBIM are the only programs certified in FreeMVD_0.001"

    Could you imagine a future?.. "Revit, due to industry demand, has added features in order to finally be compatible with FreeMVD_3.8."


  • Hi all, I am Ioannis Christovasilis. I am from Greece and I live in Italy where I have co-founded Aether Engineering, an engineering and software development company.

    My background is on structural and earthquake engineering, especially on the analysis and design of timber structures and in general in the numerical modeling of buildings or components in micro or macro scale. I have a very good knowledge of Code_Aster (CA) for thermo-mechanical finite element analyses and one of the targets of this collaboration with Dion will be to develop an IFC-driven integration of CA in the ifc workflow (authoring ifc structural files in Blender and hopefully authoring afterwards the results obtained from CA back to ifc).

    Regarding programming, I have a relatively good knowledge of Python (in the past I used also PyQt for UI) and over the last years I am gaining experience in the use of web technologies with node.js, Electron for Desktop/Web app, vue.js for front-end and three.js for visualization.

    Apart from CA in Aether Engineering we also use Code_Saturne and Syrthes (two other open-source software developed by EDF) to perform coupled thermal analyses of facades including radiation and natural convection. In general, we are very interested in any type of simulation needed for the engineering of the building and I am very excited to be in this group and to have the opportunity to contribute in the use of all the great open-source tools out there.

  • Hi I'm Bruno Postle. I'm an ex-architect with much experience making portable and tension structures and other things. I'm a fedora Linux and Hugin contributor, I write mostly in perl. My day job is mainly designing and engineering curved and/or complex steel sculptures.

    Homemaker is software to evolve domestic buildings using Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language as fitness criteria. It is part exploration of what it would mean to have a theory of architecture, and part software to design humane and buildable buildings.

  • Hi I am Rafael Moya (bitacovir). Chilean Architect, and fan of Open Source an collaborator of FreeCAD community.

    More about me in

  • Welcome @magicalcloud_75 @theoryshaw @Jesusbill @brunopostle and @bitacovir !

    It's great to see that others are also interested in more free software in the AEC industry!

    I have just added the ability to have "reactions" to posts on the forum. Hopefully it's a useful add-on.

  • Hi everyone, Agron is my name and an ex-architect by profession. Daily i deal mostly with BIM projects in implementing. So a lot of coordination and exchange of data between stakeholders.

    I am a strong supporter of openBIM and OpenSource. I got familiar with blender some years ago while looking for free form modeling tools. Lately Dion got my attention to the software with the its improvements via buildingsmart forum. Sadly I am not from the programing department 😏

    Happy to be here and hopefully can bring input in further development.


  • Hi all, my name is Ehsan Azari, and Iranian architect and BIM consultant. It's about 2-3 years I'm working more on Smart Cities and Circular Economy, also work on my upcoming startup related to Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

    I'm working on some open source projects like:

    Cheers, Ehsan

  • Hi, @ReD_CoDE , are those projects yours? wow!

  • Hi @bitacovir thank you 😀, yes, I forgot to say that unfortunately I'm not a programmer, and all are welcome to contribute

    Dion, has worked a little bit on MaterialPass idea with MPass name, and hope in the near future we have a complete repo to start MaterialPass (mtlp) and it's open organization as an international organization and even maybe an standard? Why not!

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