Add Wiki link to header

Not sure I would have discovered the Wiki if not for the Open Source Software conversation. I think it would be more discover-able through this pathway if it was in the header or somehow linked here.



  • I agree.

  • Good idea! Done.

  • Perfect! Thanks!

  • @Moult I checked file formats in Wiki, so I think it would be better we start to gather all file formats in the industry in three categories:
    1. GIS
    2. BIM
    3. PLM
    Then we can have a better view of the whole landscape which will help all a lot to find probable solutions

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    BIM..? What's that?
    4. CAD !

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    BIM is CAD but has some extra requirements which Charles M. Eastman explained them
    Also, with another view that Autodesk advertised it a lot and even academia somewhat accepts it, Building is a verb and refers to building information systems (modeling/developing/management/processing, ...)
    For me, all of them are "Information Systems" it doesn't matter call it GIS or BIM or PLM or even call it frog :)

  • @ReD_CoDE you are absolutely free to recommend more formats to go into that list, as well as to categorise them.

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    @Moult OS means teamwork, I just see here everybody works on her/his project(s)
    Hope this works for you all
    However, will do that, for instance for GIS some sites like QGIS have a list of all file formats they support

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