ArchiGAN ? to be linked to topologic/homemaker ?
Dreaming of floorplan pdf from the architectural office transformed in BIM on just one click :-)
Of course, delivering a BEM and Daylight Calculation as well as a structural-analysis, and of course a book-of-duty with price tags a little later :-). May I ask for a construction timetable also?
happy hacking. (plenty of articles)


  • Though I think designing buildings using machine learning is a bit of a dead-end (what are you going to train it with? Existing floor plans? Really?!!?), a tool that used machine learning to convert scanned drawings to vector could work extremely well.

    This would be easy to train, just convert a collection of vector drawings to images and feed them in as training data.

  • As MEP planer we receive drawings or dwg, in the future also ifc from the architecture office. We then implement the electrical appliances. we spend a lot of time with 'reformating' the architectural drawing/datas. So indeed I hope AI can help with this reformating task. The pdf floorplan is automatically 'topologised' and redrawn in the 'openBIM' format. A Revit-ifc automatically reformated to an 'openBIM' format. A 2D to 3D automat would be nice too, provide some section plans are available. The MEP tasks then could be automated usind the appropriated dictionaries in Topologic/Homemaker.
    All being described in ontologies: one for privathousing, another for hospitals, schools, shopping-mall. So that schemas could be automatically drawn, and the medium flows automatically scaled. A Vision....

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