CAD snapping and Transformations in Blender plugin video

Precision moving/rotating/scaling is one of the things I missed in blender. Here is a video on a plugin from the same developer as Archipack the looks like it solves it.
CAD Transform Blender Plugin.
Thanks Stephen Leger!



  • Stephen Leger is doing a great job! By the way, he hangs out in the ##architect channel on Freenode as well, if you'd like to have a chat. Guess where the motivation for the CAD snapping started ...? :)

  • Good steps ahead, @Moult did Stephen solve boolean issues in Blender?

  • @ReD_CoDE - I am not aware of any work Stephen is doing with booleans. I think Howard Trickery is working on Booleans.

  • @Moult I searched his name but couldn't find anything

  • Tricky names... :D

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    I wonder how could we snap to the middle of a tessellated curve?

  • @htlcnn I don't think it's very easy at the moment :) It may require recreating the curve tesselation if the number of segments isn't in your favour.

  • Another very comprehensive tutorial released:

  • Released 0.0.8 with a new tutorial.

  • @Moult @stephen_l Stephen as always did a great job which will help BlenderBIM a lot too, especially (custom) planes
    I think even we can have levels like the levels (level planes) Revit has

  • @stephen_l 's latest video shows some awesome support of arrays:

  • Released 0.91.0 today,
    it is a hotfix release adressing blender 2.91 compatibility issues

  • Released CAD Transform 0.93.0 today !

    Change log for this version

    • Blender 2.93 compatibility
    • Snap to bounding box (shortcut D)
    • Bugfix snapping in camera view
    • Bugfix snap to curves / isolated vertex / edges
    • Moved tool icon right under regular blender’s transform tools

    Download from gumroad

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    Released new CAD Transform today !
    version 0.93.1 for blender 2.93
    version 0.93.2.beta for blender 3.0


    • Allow to choose shortcuts for main tools in blender’s preferences shortcuts.
    • Default to box select mode when not enabled.

    The beta release for blender 3.0 completely remove bgl module calls, as this module is depricated and will be removed soon. Implementation using only gpu module was quite challenging task and may not be as memory efficient than older one due to lack of low level access of data stored in gpu.

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