CAD snapping and Transformations in Blender plugin video

Precision moving/rotating/scaling is one of the things I missed in blender. Here is a video on a plugin from the same developer as Archipack the looks like it solves it.
CAD Transform Blender Plugin.
Thanks Stephen Leger!



  • Stephen Leger is doing a great job! By the way, he hangs out in the ##architect channel on Freenode as well, if you'd like to have a chat. Guess where the motivation for the CAD snapping started ...? :)

  • Good steps ahead, @Moult did Stephen solve boolean issues in Blender?

  • @ReD_CoDE - I am not aware of any work Stephen is doing with booleans. I think Howard Trickery is working on Booleans.

  • @Moult I searched his name but couldn't find anything

  • Tricky names... :D

  • edited June 5

    I wonder how could we snap to the middle of a tessellated curve?

  • @htlcnn I don't think it's very easy at the moment :) It may require recreating the curve tesselation if the number of segments isn't in your favour.

  • Another very comprehensive tutorial released:

  • Released 0.0.8 with a new tutorial.

  • @Moult @stephen_l Stephen as always did a great job which will help BlenderBIM a lot too, especially (custom) planes
    I think even we can have levels like the levels (level planes) Revit has

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