Sewerage and water infrastructure in BIM as open data

Hello, I would like ask if someone have experience with this use case, please?

image source: xbim blog


  • Looks fascinating! Which aspects were you interested in? The handling of map coordinates? Integration with GIS data?

  • At this moment, I interesting in data and metadata, which are necessary useful to maintain in BIM/GIS model.
    If someone is willing to share experience or some use case, I will be happy.

  • That's pretty general. In the BIM world there are a few open data standards like IFC, BHoM, and Brickschema. I'm not too familiar with GIS metadata standards (though OpenStreetMaps have developed a convention).

    What are you trying to do?

  • I'd be very interested in developments on this topic too. I'd like to explore how sewage infrastructure can be implemented meaningfully into bim / ifc schemas.
    I'm a little concerned about the slanted piping on your screenshots though ><

  • @PepaR like I said on Telegram, you get real answers on our forum :-)

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