IFC-gen is a library for generating an IFC library for use in the language of your choice

Very interesting project here - what are peoples thoughts?

_IFC-gen is a library for generating an IFC library for use in the language of your choice. The code generator uses ANTLR to parse the Express.g4 grammar file and generate a parser. The parser is capable of reading the IFC object model as described in EXPRESS format in IFC4.exp. In addition, IFC-gen uses the STEP grammar described in STEP.g4 to generate a STEP parser whose generated files are output in the target language directory. The code generator is a dotnet core project containing an interface, ILanguageGenerator, which is implemented by classes which generate code.

Source files for each target language can be found in the directory corresponding to the language's name. For example, the source code for the C# IFC library generator can be found in the /lang/csharp folder.

For per-language build instruction, please see the language folder's README.


Let's say you work in an architecture or engineering firm writing code. Or a software startup that's trying to solve problems in AEC. Where do you go to find a library that reads and writes data in an industry-standard form? Maybe you've looked at the IFC schema and, like many before you, have decided that it's "too complex" or "too heavy" for your needs. Maybe you've even gone and built your own data model to describe building elements.

As more firms build their own data models to solve the same problem, we get further away from the vision of what IFC was supposed to be. By comparison, it would be as if every software company that makes a browser decided that they were going to create their own markup and styling languages such that the website you've designed to work in one, wouldn't work in any of the others. That's crazy. It seems to me that not speaking the same language is an impediment to technological progress in AEC.

IFC-gen was created to make generating IFC-compliant software libraries easy, and to ease the updating and testing of those libraries with new releases of the IFC specification. To achieve this goal, IFC-gen has code generation at its core. What do you want to build? A Python library? An Open API specification? A GraphQL schema? Creating a generator for any of these is as easy as providing a new implementation of ILanguageGenerator.

Because IFC is an incredibly broad data model, I have also set the goal of proposing a high-level API for building geometry which will use the generated libraries under the hood, but will provide an interface that is grokable by the lay user. This will most-likely become the focus of work when the underlying code generation mechanisms and STEP reading and writing facilities are stabilized._



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