Fortnite developer backs IFC data streaming service

Epic Games, the developer of the Fortnite computer game, has provided funding to a new service that can stream industry foundation classes (IFC) BIM models to mobile devices.



  • I mentioned before, I was aware of this movement and Epic Games movement

  • A fun, perhaps lesser known, fact is that Tridify uses IfcOpenShell under the hood, and was one of the early contributors back upstream! This grant indirectly helps battle test IfcOpenShell, and therefore improve the foundations for the rest of the free software ecosystem like FreeCAD and the BlenderBIM Add-on.

    If interested, here is a list of who's using IfcOpenShell, including a number of commercial players.

  • @Moult still there're a lot of opportunities, but everything is up to us. Everything is not just building and developing software. Should we have a strategy; know the market; have a view about the future; and work cohesively.
    This is why when it comes to FreeCAD, I appreciate the invaluable efforts of them, but don't count them as leaders who know where is the point they want to be

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