BlenderBIM Add-on roadmap and changelog

The BlenderBIM Add-on moves fast.

I've taken a step back to think about the overall direction I would like to see the BlenderBIM Add-on, and its associated suite of utilities (IfcClash, IfcCSV, IfcDiff, BIMTester...). I'd like to share the roadmap with others: - currently, the software suite is still at the beginning of the journey!

For those interested, there is also now a changelog:



  • Very cool.
    Would recommend perhaps posting these individual roadmap items to Github issues. It would allow users to share their suggested priorities.

  • @theoryshaw there was one but most of them achieved and Dion closed it
    This roadmap is good as well, however, I think if more people help in 1-2 months we can achieve them

  • @theoryshaw users are free to share their priorities here or as a Github issue. These forums are good for more general ideas that still have ambiguity about how they might be implemented, and Github issues are good for more specific issues that translate very easily into code. So far, I believe all user reports are part of that roadmap.

    If you think something is missing, let me know - if I can understand it and break it down into actionable items, it will be added and implemented! :)

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