BlenderBIM: Simple modificatoion of geometry in existing IFC

Hi! I have an IFC exported from Revt with concrete walls. I simply want to create a hole in the wall an resave the file, but the geometry doesnt seem to update when opening the file again in blender BIM og Solibri.
I tried to both modify the geometry directly in edit mode and use a boolean modifier, but nothing is affecting the updated ifc. Can anyone give me a hint?


  • Have you tried the add opening tool? It will add an IfcOpeningElement and create the necessary IFC void.

    If you want to use a vanilla Blender boolean, you might need to apply the boolean first.

  • I tried both the dumb opening tool and appling the modifier, but after export I got the same result.

  • @Einar that sounds odd. I just tested adding a dumb opening, selecting the opening, then the object, then in object properties clicking "Add Opening" in the IFC Voids panel and it works for me.

    Does it only not work in Solibri? What happens if you reimport back into Blender?

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    It works with the steps you described
    1) Place the 3D-cursor where you want the opening to be placed
    2) Add a dumb opening with shift+A
    3) Shift click the wall while the opening is selected
    4) In the "Object Properties" (orange square) pane look for IFC Voids and click "Add Opening"

  • What's the best practice for resizing an opening?

  • @Coen nothing special - just tab into edit mode and resize the opening as usual.

  • @Moult
    That seems to be working most of the time, my experience when scaling/rotating and applying transforms often does not work with the translation to IFC.

  • A series of void related issues have recently been fixed. Hopefully that'll help. A heads up, although you probably already know, that scaling is not supported (in short, the long answer is a bit more nasty) in BIM in general so it's best to avoid it.

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