Report Class Type using the BlenderBIM IFCCSV tool

I've been able to create schedules of my IFC file using the IfcCSV tool in BlenderBIM, but one thing I can't figure out is the Attribute I need to report the name of the classification for each element (IfcWall, IfcFloor, etc.). What attribute name do I need to fetch the proper class for each element? The IFC file was exported from Revit.


  • I assumed it would be IfcBuildingElementType, but no such luck

  • Hi,
    maybe this video from BIMvoice can help (BlenderBIM tour#1 with Dion Moult - IFCCSV)

  • IfcProduct?

  • @Coen said:

    Coming out as a blank field when I use .IfcElementType in the IFC Selector box of IFC CSV Import/Export

  • Is BlenderBIM spreadsheet an option for you to get what you want?

  • The attribute name you're after is "type" (all lowercase).

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