[BlenderBIM][IFC] Custom defined BeamType from IfcMaterialProfileSet

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I followed this very useful tutorial

My workflow:
1) Added an empty in Blender
2) Assigned it with an IfcBeamType
3) Created a material
4) Went into the IfcMaterialProfileSet, to create a profile

5) Added some instances, used Blender to move, rotate, resize the Beam instances. clicked 'Update Representation'

6) Eventually I have this result in Blender

Now I exported it to IFC and this is the result:

Two questions:
1. What am I doing wrong? Something with origin point?
Competely clueless why one IfcBeam is standing horizontally, can't remember rotating that one.
2. Is it possible to miter an IfcBeam like it is with IfcWall?
When I click on the V from 'Architectural' the comment popup dialog explicitly states wall, however the functionality is not greyd out, clicking it produces nothing.



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