[IfcOpenShell] Condensation of B-Rep geometry

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Hi Moult
I extracted B-Rep geometry using geom module in ifcopenshell library.
There are around 150 vertices retrieved for one manhole. I want to check if there is a way to condense it in a meaningful way. I am extracting product and geometry data into a knowledge graph. I am not sure if storing 150 vertices for one manhole is a viable option.
Appreciate your thoughts.




  • I don't understand what you mean with condensation

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    @Shilpa can you share the IFC file here, i might be able to show you how to reduce it via BlenderBIM.

  • @theoryshaw id be interested in seeing how you do that as well, any chance you'd be up for a screenshare maybe? @Coen I think @Shilpa meant to simplify the geometry, ie reduce the polygons/vertices.

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