[BlenderBIM] copying 2d cad blocks as representations of IFCtype?

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So I'm having an issue as blender does not allow the copying of elements in edit mode and pasting into another edit mode,

I'm attempting to create some IFC library assets that have 2d representation but don't want to redraw them (so using cad blocks) I am currently aligning the imported dxf cad file then tracing them rudimentarily.

See attached a low poly small tree for example, with a 2d plan view

Does anyone have an idea for a workflow that can just paste the cad?


  • I'm not very familiar with 2d representation inside IFC objects, but from a Blender standpoint, I think the workflow would be as follows:

    • > select the elements you want to copy inside edit mode;
    • > shift + D to duplicate;
    • > P to separate. These elements are going to become a new object;
    • > Go to object mode, select the new object and the object where you would like to paste it;
    • > Crtl + J to join them.
  • @bruno_perdigao Thanks! that has worked! You need to select the IFC as the last object to join to otherwise it deletes the classification, which was stumping me, you also need to select the IFC while in 2d plan annotation representation.
    See attached a low poly toilet with a detailed 2d cad representation
    Low poly toilet:

    SVG print file:

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    Actually in Blender the mesh is also just a representation linked to an object. So to change it, you can easily import your object, go to mesh properties of your ifc object and pick your new mesh representation from the list of meshes in your project.
    I've wanted to desribe this for the wiki for ages, but I always forget.

  • @JanF can you do a quick videocapture?... not sure i follow you. sounds cool. ;)

  • Right, so I tried it and remembered why I haven't described it yet - it doesn't work with BlenderBIM add-on.

    This would be the procedure - you pick an object, assign an existing mesh to it and make it single user - however the mesh seems to have some extra BB properties which make Blender crash if I swap it like this.
    Ping @Moult

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