OSArch website design

@duncan mentioned how it would be a good idea to actually have some sexy sites showcasing what we're up to. I thought I'd see if any further thoughts were given to:

  • What should be included on the site
  • If there was a layout sketched out
  • Who might provide the content?

Personally, I would keep the OSArch main site to be basically a static poster site, and leave all the text-heavy content (guides / tutorials / other resources) to the wiki, where everybody can contribute.



  • We want to develop a website for DfMALab (https://github.com/dfmalab) so I think we can work all together to develop the website for both BlenderBIM and DfMALab
    I checked a lot of websites and I think the best one is: https://github.com/fabfoundation/fabfoundation

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    I'm mostly think about a landing site which is just a showcase linking to everything else. So it could be hand built or whatever, just as long as it's eye candy at the first layer, maybe workflows in the second layer ... and then links to all the detailed goodies we have collectively. Maybe we could start with a gallery with tags so all images get at least #projectname #software #author
    Can we do that on the wiki? I haven't found how to upload images to that wiki yet.

  • @duncan I think regards to the wiki, I think Dion's choice is good and it supports images and videos, indeed it's Wikipedia, however, needs some experience to work with
    The second choice could be https://github.com/squidfunk/mkdocs-material which is markdown-based
    About website, it depends and I think Dion thinks about simplicity so even a landing page, or some pages can handle everything I think

    But I think about a lab that always has a lot of experimental projects, so should be something like the website I shared

  • @duncan upload rights need to be granted on the Wiki. I have just granted you access! Have fun!

  • I've had some more thoughts about how the website could look. A tab each for Architecture / Engineering / Construction / Operations. I would include Landscape in the architecture tab. All deep analysis would belong on the engineering tab. Superficial analysis such as shadows and basic lighting info could be on the architecture tab. Each tab is a workflow with branches/links to more complex workflows and alternative tools. How does that sound? We could implement it first on the wiki and later on a more graphics oriented CMS.
    How does that sound? We need to work on documenting workflows anyway.

  • I really like that idea! Being "domain" focused rather than tool focused sounds like the right approach. Also good to start on the wiki.

  • Sounds great to me also

  • I foun this in the FreeCAD forum: The switch2osm.org web site from Open Street Map. This web help people to move from a less-free environment of maps like GoogleMaps to the Open Street map. Maybe this kind of focus it would be interesting to include in the web.

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