New Plugin for Blender-Sverchok: Mega-Polis - A Data-Driven Urban Design Toolkit for Sverchok

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Dear all,
I have been developing a free and open source plugin for Blender-Sverchok for my thesis. This plugin aims to assist data-driven urban design processes. It is called Mega-Polis, and now it is available on the GitHub.

The documentation is underdevelopment, but I did a demonstration of some nodes that is available on YouTube.
This is an ongoing research, therefore, this plugin still** very experimental and under HEAVILY development**.
The toolkit is divided into: Gathering, Analysis, Generation, and Visualisation tools.

- Read GIS (shapefile, geopackage, geojson)
- Read CSV Files
- Read DEM (GeoTIFF)
- Read LAS (.las)
- OSM Downloader
- Load Street Network
- Download Street Imagery
- Download Data URL
- Request Data API
- Get Pandas Feature
- Pandas Dataframe
- Pandas Series
- Get Sample Dataframe
- Split String

- DEM Terrain Attributes
- Network Analyses
- Shortest Path
- Whitebox GIS Tool (Whitebox Tools Connection)
- Isovists
- Dataframe Utils
- Object Detection (YoloV5)
- Detectron (Instance and Panoptic Segmentation based on Detectron2)
- Correlation
- Correlation With
- Get Feature At
- Get Feature Index
- Linear Model Selection
- Model Fit
- Model Predict

- Faces from Vertices
- CSV to Dataframe
- Lat-Lon to Points
- Pandas Filter
- Pandas Map Feature
- Sequential Colormap
- Transpose Dataframe
- Get File Path
- File to Geo Dataframe
- File to GeoJSON

- Seaborn Plot
- WebVR Connector (A-Frame)
- Dashboard Creation
- Dashboard Bokeh Figure
- Dashboard Bokeh Plot Chart
- Dashboard Bokeh Plot Line
- Dashboard Dataframe
- Dashboard Load Map
- Dashboard Map
- Dashboard Markdown
- Dashboard Mesh
- Dashboard Plotly Figure
- Dashboard Plotly Scatter
- Dashboard Server
- Dataframe Visualisation
- Python Server

Many thanks,

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