BBIM Landscape Elements IFC Libary

Starting working on ifc library of landscape elements that will go with BlenderBIM (similarly to furniture library we already have).
What are the must-have 2d (and perhaps 3d?) shapes for plants and trees and their dimensions for that library.
Is there other landscape assets that might come in handy besides plants and trees? Maybe there is some .ifc you can share for reference?

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  • AceAce
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    My suggestions
    Trees tall, small and wide.

    They obviously come in all different sizes, but generally 3 sizes would be good
    1.8m tall, 5m tall and 15m, just random sizes that roughly translate to a person height, building height and multi-storey building height
    Then 2 types of each height, 1 with a spherical shape on a stick (like a lollipop) and another with a cone shape (like a Christmas tree)


    again rough related sizes
    400mm tall, 800mm tall, 1.8m tall
    These are about a seat height, balustrade height and then person height

    same as hedges 400mm tall, 800mm tall, 1.8m tall

    I am not a landscape architect, but this is generally what I would find useful, it's all mostly based on relative sizes, it actually works better in inches and feet but in metric these sizes make sense

  • @baswein would/could these be dynamic, so a tree's diameter and height could be set with a 2d view and a simple 3d model?

  • As a non-landscape architect I would assume hedging to be represented by a profileset similar to beams of a simple rectangle? And shrubs to be say just single cylinders? Naturally the PLAN 2D representation can be fancier.

  • Thanks everyone for jumping on this. I'm a little overwhelmed right now.
    There is a good paper (also in this thread ) that proposes a pretty well thought out system.
    I'll see if I can writeup some more later today.

  • These are a nice balance of sufficient form and low poly

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