BlenderBIM 4 Beginners - Xplore

Hey Hey !
I'm back.. in ze Studio ?, and I'm recording a free course titled BlenderBIM 4 Beginners

Here are the sections we'll cover:
? 1 - BlenderBIM Explore
?️ 2 - BlenderBIM Modeling
? 3 - BlenderBIM Construction Scheduling
? 4 - BlenderBIM Costing
? 5 - BlenderBIM Drawings

The first section is now available on youtube!
Files used:

cvillagrasatheoryshawbrunopostlebitacovirGorgiousAceOle_Marius_Svendsencarlopavchachi_wsCoenand 12 others.


  • Your Videos are jammed packed with information!

  • @Ace said:
    Your Videos are jammed packed with information!

    Cheers Ifc Architect ! Imma be watching your videos and attempt to avoid duplication :D hopefully with your architectural background and my background in engineering & construction, we can create much needed information for new comers!
    ??Let's demonstrate how the AEC industry is creating its own tools !

  • Likewise! I think don't stress about duplication we both lean towards different things! and sometimes its cool to see people tackle the same thing in different ways!

  • I am having error opening your house.ifc sample in blender 4.1, the file is not showing up, what went wrong?

  • so what should I do?

  • I've patched it and removed broken IfcRelNests entities that were causing it to fail.

    import ifcopenshell
    from pathlib import Path
    path = r"C:\house.ifc"
    path = Path(path)
    ifc_file =
    for nests in ifc_file.by_type("IfcRelNests"):
        if nests.RelatingObject:
    ifc_file.write(path.with_stem(path.stem + "_patched"))
  • Big thanks to you, naw i can start my lesson in BlenderBim

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