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I thought it may be useful to have a thread with general questions about the forum platform instead of being scattered around.

@Moult, first question - I can't find a way to unsubscribe from a specific thread. I found settings to control global notifications and emails but what if I want to keep global settings as they are stop receiving email notifications from a specific thread?


  • The star on upper right hand corner ?

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    @dimitar I think @paullee might be correct :) If that doesn't do it, let me know and I'll look deeper.

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    @Moult can you create more "categories" for this forum? I feel the volume of threads will soon grow too much that it will be hard to find a particular discussion. There should be some big categories, for example, "General" (like it is currently, anything goes), "Software" (for discussions about particular software packages), "BlenderBIM" (probably some people want to discuss specifically about BlenderBIM and IfcOpenShell), "Wiki" (meta discussions about structuring information in the wiki), and others.

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    @vocx I don't think separate categories would work. it assumes people have discipline about which discussion thay have in which thread... that is not my experience here or anywhere else. A system of tags would be better because it lets the discussion flow while also dropping a trail of tags. You could then browse the forum by thread or user or a certain tag. Anyway, my point is that if we can't use the correct thread for the original discussion then trying to do it across categories makes no sense to me. Better to just use the search function.
    PS. I have no idea if such a forum system exists.

  • @vocx I've now added some "tags". When starting a thread, you can add tags. I've also assigned a few to get started. On the right sidebar of the homepage you can click on a tag and see only threads assigned with that tag. Hope it helps add some organisation.

    @vocx would you like to be a forum admin? That way you can also help in managing / adding / editing tags?

  • @duncan said:
    @vocx I don't think separate categories would work. it assumes people have discipline about which discussion they have in which thread...

    To me it's more about having big "boxes" to categorize threads. The categories don't have to be perfect, just some spaces to more or less separate general topics. I am not opposed to a system of tags, but I still like the concept of general divisions for threads, for example, a wiki discussion would be about the structure of the information in the wiki, and would be very different from a discussion on the specifics of the latest release of BlenderBIM.

  • @Moult said:
    @vocx would you like to be a forum admin? That way you can also help in managing / adding / editing tags?

    Thanks but I don't want to fully commit at the moment. I need to scale back my activities online.

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    There is something called Orange (data minig tool). (the text features of it)
    Can this tool run online realtime on a homepage? It is a kind of svertchok,grasshopper style filtering tool.. each of use would have its own profile? individual categories, tags or whatever, and interactiv and adaptiv at any time.. is that possible? or does it cost too much computing time..
    I have no clue about programming.

  • Would be nice to introduce something like this... :)

  • @theoryshaw said:
    Would be nice to introduce something like this... :)

    Vanilla has a rules plugin but i'm not sure policing is the right way to go.
    For example I should probably be creating a Topic on Off Topic topic for this post as it seems to be about specific forum usage questions not meta questions about the forum. :)

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    btw, it was not my intention to infer that this particular forum post is off-topic. Just that I think, it would be nice to introduce a means within this forum, that one could 'tag' comments off topic, and collapsible, like the github example above.

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    Posts now have a "flag" button. How about, if 2 people flag a post, it gets hidden. A hidden post looks like this.

    An example of a hidden post.

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    @Moult has the ability to add reactions to posts been changed in some way? I can't add my reactions even though I'm an admin. Also, really good to see that one can still choose to read a 'hidden' post. I think 'censorship' has it's place, but it must also be transparent. (others can see it right, it's not just my elevated privileges?)

  • @duncan Adding reactions to posts haven't changed. I just added one to yours.

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